Bridge [Experience]
Matysia 15 days ago
Yeah got a bridge piercing   2 reply
15 days ago
Tongue piercing [Answer]
25 08,2017 08:48
Thanks a bunch guys for your answers I'll try out what you told me. Really I would have died without you! XD   reply
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Nipplez [Answer]
Eyes of Jade
25 08,2017 03:38
EBay has all kinds. But best to get with your piercer first, get the size all worked out. You need length/diameter as well as gauge. Once you have all that, Ebay and possibly Pintrest, maybe Etsy? Happy shopping, I have both of mine done. Just simple rings and balls for me. Be warned, if you go with really elaborate or big nipple shields, you will......   reply
25 08,2017 03:38
Tongue piercing [Answer]
25 08,2017 02:25
Ice cream is a really good option, but if the truth be told, the first three days EVERYTHING it's going to be hard to eat, not actually painful but might make you feel a little uncomfortable :'3, so avoid, especially, spicy and sour food. The healing period is different for each one, but be careful at least for a week. I've had my tongue pierced f......   1 reply
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Nipplez [Question]
25 08,2017 02:11
Does someone know where I can get online some cute nipples piercings?
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Tongue piercing [Answer]
24 08,2017 22:48
I REALIZED I REPLIED TO SOMEONE ELSE ASFDJGK SORRY You have to avoid drinking alcohol, kissing , eating milk, cheese etc. and you have to suck on ice Also you better drink soap for a week. And don't change the piercing before 4 weeks ( which my piercer didn't tell me this and he said I can change it after 2 weeks so I did and right now I am in pai......   reply
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Tongue piercing [Answer]
helaris 24 08,2017 22:35
hi! when i did it i was recommended to never drink milk/ yogurt for 2 weeks cause it brings lot of bacteria. so, i usually mixed various things and drank them for the first week. yeah... not the best but it's a very delicate piercing and you better treat it well! :3ヾ(☆▽☆)   3 reply
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Tongue piercing [Answer]
Giakou 24 08,2017 21:15
Soup is too hot to eat, it will make your tongue keep being swollen. Eat and drink cold stuff, like a lot of ice cream during the first day. The tongue will go back to normal in 2 to 3 days. =)   1 reply
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Tongue piercing [Question]
24 08,2017 20:39
Can anyone with the experience of having a tongue piercing help me? I just got mine today and my tongue is now (naturally) very swollen and I want to know what is easy to eat? I was't even able to eat my soup just now! ^^
At this rate I wont be able to eat anything till the swelling dies down    ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄
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13 in total [Experience]
Takeshi 17 08,2017 21:52
i have 3 lobes on each ear, triple helix on one ear and an industrial (it counts as 2 piercings) on the other. in my mouth i have a smiley and in my nose i have a septum. i got my industrial and first lobes done professionally while i did the rest nyself, and they're all healing very well. although getting it done didn't hurt much for me, the hea......   reply
17 08,2017 21:52
8 total [Experience]
Fujoghoul 17 08,2017 21:39
5 on my right ear and 3 on the left one, two of them are old uk the ones you get when you're only a baby but the rest at home, it didnt hurt but the ones on the *helix*? part of my ear FREAKIN HURT if I slept or if someone hit my ear by mistake it was so painful but yeah my mom didnt freak out when she found out she told us she wanted to do her ear......   reply
17 08,2017 21:39
Piercings [Experience]
17 08,2017 21:04
I had my ears first pierced when I was a baby, so I don't really remember what it was like. I do know that the piercing gun was used on my ears, which most experts do not recommend using. I got my second holes in both ears and bars in my nipples about two months ago at a tattoo parlor, where they used needles and tongs for piercings. It wasn't real......   reply
17 08,2017 21:04
Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 14:06
1. Mike (Ijiwaru Na Kuchizuke) I want to adopt him so bad ;_; --I mean, look at him... LOOK AT HIM!! 2. Hakuyou (Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari) I want to adopt him too >.< 3. Rin-tan (Katekyo!) just throw him in there as well, I'm on a rampage XD   1 reply
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Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 12:46
1. Misaki Shouta from Hana no Mizo Shiru 2. Ryou from Bokura no Negai 3. Yoon Tae-min from At the End of the Road   3 reply
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Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 12:38
My top 3 cutest ukes: 1. Misaki (Junjou Romantica) 2. Izumi (Love Stage ! ! !) 3. Towa (Warui series)   1 reply
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Piercings [Experience]
medusas_touch 17 05,2017 11:16
I currently have 9. 6 in my left ear, 3 in my right. On the left we have a rook, outer helix, tragus, anti-tragus and double lobe piercings. On the right we have a daith and double lobes. I retired my tongue and labret on the recommendation of my dentist with the damage they had done/were doing to my teeth. Took a break from piercings to work on i......   1 reply
17 05,2017 11:16
Random! [Question]
17 05,2017 09:25
Ok, top 3 cutest ukes! Go!   (●'◡'●)ノ 
1. Towa (Warui series)
2. Jun (Otokogokoro)
3. Rintarou (Katekyo!)
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Aida Cloth [Experience]
01 05,2017 06:02
For now, I only have 4 piercings in total. 3 on the right and one on the left. I'm still a minor and is currently pursuing my dream of becoming an MD so I got to be careful on putting 'holes' on my body as to how my family put it, before they totally lose it and forbid me from adding more. So I went like 'Fine. One piercing per year.' Fufufu.. Befo......   reply
01 05,2017 06:02
Idek [Experience]
30 04,2017 22:21
I have a septum, three lip piercings, tongue, stretched ears 00g (plan to go bigger) nipple piercings, my belly button, and I plan on more.   reply
30 04,2017 22:21
30 04,2017 22:03
When i was 15, i was (and still is) obsessed with a kpop group called BTS. My bias Jungkook has 6 piercings altogether, 3 on each earlobe, and so i got interested in getting my ears pierced. A year later, after graduating from high school, I got my piercings, 3 on each earlobe just like my kpop bias haha. I know, i'm a cancerous fan lmao. He recen......   2 reply
30 04,2017 22:03