Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 14:06
1. Mike (Ijiwaru Na Kuchizuke) I want to adopt him so bad ;_; --I mean, look at him... LOOK AT HIM!! http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/ijiwaru_na_kuchizuke/mh/sa-c008/pg-16/ 2. Hakuyou (Hakuyou Ayakashi Gatari) I want to adopt him too >.< 3. Rin-tan (Katekyo!) just throw him in there as well, I'm on a rampage XD   1 reply
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Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 12:46
1. Misaki Shouta from Hana no Mizo Shiru http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/hana_no_mizo_shiru/mh/v02/c012/57/ 2. Ryou from Bokura no Negai http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/bokura_no_negai/mf/45aa36d471a1112a/Vol3_Ch18/pg-28/ 3. Yoon Tae-min from At the End of the Road http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/geu_kkeute_issneun_geos/uu/geu_kkeute_issneun_g......   3 reply
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Random! [Answer]
17 05,2017 12:38
My top 3 cutest ukes: 1. Misaki (Junjou Romantica) 2. Izumi (Love Stage ! ! !) 3. Towa (Warui series)   1 reply
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Piercings [Experience]
medusas_touch 17 05,2017 11:16
I currently have 9. 6 in my left ear, 3 in my right. On the left we have a rook, outer helix, tragus, anti-tragus and double lobe piercings. On the right we have a daith and double lobes. I retired my tongue and labret on the recommendation of my dentist with the damage they had done/were doing to my teeth. Took a break from piercings to work on i......   1 reply
17 05,2017 11:16
Random! [Question]
17 05,2017 09:25
Ok, top 3 cutest ukes! Go!   (●'◡'●)ノ 
1. Towa (Warui series)
2. Jun (Otokogokoro)
3. Rintarou (Katekyo!)
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Aida Cloth [Experience]
01 05,2017 06:02
For now, I only have 4 piercings in total. 3 on the right and one on the left. I'm still a minor and is currently pursuing my dream of becoming an MD so I got to be careful on putting 'holes' on my body as to how my family put it, before they totally lose it and forbid me from adding more. So I went like 'Fine. One piercing per year.' Fufufu.. Befo......   reply
01 05,2017 06:02
Idek [Experience]
30 04,2017 22:21
I have a septum, three lip piercings, tongue, stretched ears 00g (plan to go bigger) nipple piercings, my belly button, and I plan on more.   reply
30 04,2017 22:21
30 04,2017 22:03
When i was 15, i was (and still is) obsessed with a kpop group called BTS. My bias Jungkook has 6 piercings altogether, 3 on each earlobe, and so i got interested in getting my ears pierced. A year later, after graduating from high school, I got my piercings, 3 on each earlobe just like my kpop bias haha. I know, i'm a cancerous fan lmao. He recen......   2 reply
30 04,2017 22:03
I'm 15, and I've had the average piercings since I was a baby. I'm considering a medusa piercing, but I'm not sure if I'll seem too young or be ridiculed by others. I really want one though >~   1 reply
30 04,2017 19:12
Seventeen [Experience]
15 04,2017 05:46
I have seventeen. Fourteen on my head, the rest elsewhere :). I started at 13 and I haven't stopped. I'm 27. Pics or it didn't happen: (●'◡'●)ノ   1 reply
15 04,2017 05:46
25 02,2017 08:12
I've currently got 10 piercings but they're all on my ears. My lobes are 8g (used to be 00g) and I have my 2nd, 3rd, 5th holes pierced on both sides, just the 4th on my right ear, and a cartilage piercing on the left side. I used to have another cartilage piercing above my left one and another on the other side, my other left 4th piercing, left s......   reply
25 02,2017 08:12
11 in total rn [Experience]
22 02,2017 20:01
right now I have 11 piercings. 1 nose, 10 on my ears which one of them is a tragus. I had my tongue pierced before but due to a few things it's unfortunately closed. Though I'll get it repierced in a few months.   reply
22 02,2017 20:01
My love started when I was 11 and as a treat for passing to the Secondary school I wanted to attend (I live in   reply
22 02,2017 15:41
Piercings [Experience]
05 02,2017 18:37
So I have 12 piercings in total. On my right ear I have two lobe and two upper lobe piercings. On my right I have two piercings in my lobe and helix, and one in my tragus. I also got my eyebrow and tongue done. In the near future I want to get my right rook and my bellybutton done, and I'm also kinda considering getting nipple piercings but that wo......   2 reply
05 02,2017 18:37
Allergic to the metal [Experience]
05 02,2017 18:35
I want to get piercings soo bad ╥﹏╥ but I'm allergic to the metal. I remember getting my ears pierced and one day they were fine and the other day..welp there goes my ears. It was soooo painful to take out but I'm determined to get pierced again (/TДT)/   3 reply
05 02,2017 18:35
KenGoldenTree 05 02,2017 18:29
i have 3 piercings in each lobe. i was considering a helix at one point, but frankly i dont really like them, or how they look. its a guilty dislke man! the 3 piercings on each lobe that i have are for aesthetic purposes, since i like how they look. i like earrings, and mixing them :p so to have 6 piercing holes to experiment with feels awesome. ......   reply
05 02,2017 18:29
Four [Experience]
05 02,2017 18:07
I got them on my ears cause they look pretty thug (not that I want to be). Two regular piercings, one right above my regular right piercing, and the last is on my left earlobe. It's mainly just for fashion purposes and I'm not planning on getting any more~   reply
05 02,2017 18:07
Sure, why not? [Experience]
Queen Yaoi
05 02,2017 16:54
I haven't got any piercings though. If I could any I probably get 2 piercings in each ear in the normal place (you know the little flappy bit at the bottom?) and possibly a septum piercing, even though my mum would hate it(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ ┗( T﹏T )┛   reply
05 02,2017 16:54
Got bridge [Experience]
Matysia 11 01,2017 20:47
And I'm so happy that I did it   reply
11 01,2017 20:47
Nine [Experience]
17 12,2016 23:12
So I have three in each ear lobe, one in each forward helix and my septum pierced. I like symmetry.   reply
17 12,2016 23:12