Got bridge [Experience]
Matysia 9 days ago
And I'm so happy that I did it   reply
9 days ago
Nine [Experience]
17 12,2016 23:12
So I have three in each ear lobe, one in each forward helix and my septum pierced. I like symmetry.   reply
17 12,2016 23:12
Getting piercings [Experience]
astrangesoul 11 12,2016 19:26
I have 13 in total. 7 on my right lobe 4 on my right. An eyebrow piercing and a nose piercing(I had my nose pierced twice the first time it got infected way to often and wasnt done in a sanitory place so I took it out.). Thinking of getting more done on my ears. Getting them done really is addicting. I might have to take them out though after gradu......   reply
11 12,2016 19:26
Miss some! [Experience]
21 11,2016 18:46
I've had many over the years and really enjoyed having them! Ears x 10 ( 5 each side) plus one industrial bar. Nose, nipples (when I became pregnant they started to reject so had to take them out.. Probably not a bad thing since.. Ya know.. Was making food for the spawn from there lol) and I used to have tongue (10years!) but for some reason it rea......   reply
21 11,2016 18:46
My piercings [Experience]
20 11,2016 20:02
I currently only have three piercings -- one on my left lobe and two on my right lobe. I had a third piercing on my right lobe, but it closed so it's sort of regretful. I also used to have snakebites, but I removed them for professional purposes and they closed too. I miss them the most. I may get them re-pierced in the future, but I'm definitely g......   5 reply
20 11,2016 20:02
Piercings [Experience]
BLtaku 28 09,2016 09:44
Just the pair located on the lobes of my ears. :) I must mention that my parents would most definitely not allow me to have another set of piercings done, and added on with the fact that I'm not all that interested in having multiple piercings. My friend does, and of course, everyone can do as they like. I simply do not find an interest in it. Alth......   reply
28 09,2016 09:44
piercings [Experience]
28 08,2016 18:49
i currently have 5 facial piercings (i had 6 but one of my nose ones fell out) and 6 on one ear and 4 on the other.. it is very addicting and i want many others but with them finding a job is tough and you get quite attached to them after awhile. to me they became part of myself and i would be very sad if i had to remove them/   5 reply
28 08,2016 18:49
12 06,2016 18:19
I stared beening interested in piercings when i read a yaoi manga with a character that had a lot of them and I thought he was really cool. ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄ I think they are really pretty and kinda scary at the same time. Piercings have always been at the back of my head but i am too much of a scaredy cat to get one. I expecia......   9 reply
12 06,2016 18:19