Fallen In Love With A Celeb

I was crushing on this singer name Adam in my country when I was in my teenage years. I even dreamt of meeting with him, and confessing. I was going to give my son's name, Adam too... time passes and then I met my husband, after married then I just remembered this. The funniest thing is, my husband's name is Adam too. And it's totally coincident.   1 reply
04 01,2017 05:13
08 10,2016 04:24
Actually more like... fascination. I can't help it, some years ago I just fell fascinated for the actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Not his looks, not just his voice. It's not that I find him cool or handsome or elegant. It's not just that I like his acting. I actually find him so beautiful, so seductive. But again, not seductive like "oh my, he can do......   1 reply
08 10,2016 04:24
Very Much So Yes [Experience]
Yukine 15 07,2016 06:03
This might just be me looking for proof that I'm not insane, but I've fallen hopelessly in love with a celebrity and while it brings me happiness at times it also brings me a lot of pain and tears. It makes me confused and insecure, but at the same time whenever I see him or hear him sing or laugh or just .... be himself... I just get so happy, and......   4 reply
15 07,2016 06:03