Read All The Yaoi In The World

16 07,2017 23:53
Have you tried out "Detective Conan" or "Magic Kaito 1412"? Detective Conan-Mystery,Police,Comedy,Adventure,Shounen Magic Kaito 1412-Adventure,Comedy,Romance,Shounen You could give them a try,they're pretty interesting. Also, some other animes that aren't really related but still Ex: Ajin,Hunter x Hunter,Danganronpa,18if,Attack On Titan,Tokyo Gh......   1 reply
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Ok, so I don't really know if this will be that helpful, but here goes a long paragraph about me trying to help. I never really stopped loving books, but here was a time that after reading alot of yaoi in the summertime that books didn't really seem all that appealing, so I thought since what I was reading was too different. I tried to read romance......   2 reply
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koisuru boukun has a stupidly hot blcd ლ(´ڡ`ლ)   reply
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Try something completely different? I dont really know. It happened the same to me. Rigth now i dont have anything to read.   3 reply
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16 12,2016 01:54
When i was still an elementary student.... I used to read all kinds of novel but what i really love is mystery and detective stuff... I could reading helps a lot 

But as a grow older... I shifted to shoujo manga and now yaoi manga (not that it is a bad thing) and all together.... 
I lost all my interest to read novels and i am stuck now with my problem..

I bought many books in booksale (store) which cost very cheap and was just guessing if it is good or bad... As long as it has good cover and game but i have lost my interest to try read again..

What should i do to love them again??
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10 years and counting [Experience]
Princess_bubblegum 16 12,2016 00:57
I'm been reading yaoi manga ever since I was in high school and I still enjoy it even when I'm a working adult. I maybe a bit exaggerating but it's been a great part of my life. I basically read everyday and took pauses only if I'm busy or have an exam (when I was still a student). I want to read all the Yaoi in the world but my somehow my aesthe......   2 reply
16 12,2016 00:57
Yuki Asena
01 09,2016 10:46
Ogasa chise, Ayano Yamane, Junko, Sakuraga Mei, Miyuki Abe, YOO Ha jin, Eiki Eiki, Zaou Taishi, Hyuuga Seiryou, Kisaragi Hirotaka, Kitazawa Kyou, Takagi Ryou, Cj Michalski and Itsuki Kaname etc... And plenty more   reply
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I always love re-reading manga series I have already marked "Already Read". When I find my favorites, it's hard to break me out of that obsession for a little while. But I have read quite a few new ones. All total, including the few re-reads, I think I've read about 25-30 series since May. Believe me, I would love to have read more, but give......   reply
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Since January 2015 I've read 3000 titles. Granted, some of those I only read a few chapters before giving them one star and moving on. But most of them I did read all the way through :) That averages out to roughly 4 to 5 manga a day or about 600+ for the summer.   reply
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hm.., I've read around 250-300 of mostly yaoi, shounen ai, and doujinshi. How much have you read?? (⌒▽⌒)
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12 04,2016 02:06
My favorite seiyuu is Tachibana Shinnosuke! I could even sit and listen to him read the entire dictionary.   reply
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I love angst so I like it when a blcd could make me cry. I remember I was so surprised by a certain scene in Synapse no Hitsugi, that I just bawled like a baby. That left a strong impression. I also like one called Nemuri Ouji ni Kisu wo. It portrays such a sweet, honest relationship without over-the-top drama and so if I wanna listen to somethi......   reply
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12 04,2016 01:02
My Seme crush is Konishi Katsuyuki and Nojima Kenji is an awesome uke for his voice. Noji-nii is good both as uke and seme too XD. Ono Yuuki is my next bias on this list   reply
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otlcryman 12 04,2016 00:06
YES 100x THIS. Ono Yuuki is just so damn perfect I can't even describe it. When he's uke he just sounds so sexy, when he's seme? SEXY. I have an insane bias to whatever character gets voiced by him. Ugh I can't handle it, his voice is so perfect. I'm a bit upset that I can't explain just how much I love his voice from just this comment.   2 reply
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11 04,2016 23:22
I love Ono Yuki too but my true love and happiness goes to Suzuki Tatsuhisa and Miyano Mamoru although I don't think I've found a blcd of Mamou yet. But he's still one of my fave voice actors.   reply
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11 04,2016 21:05
hmmmm I dont know I only like to read manga I dont really focus on author but I do respect his work(▰˘◡˘▰) because of author I have a chance to read this wonderful manga than those american cartoon and comic I like his feelings and emotion when he is making stories I wish the whole world could read his stories   reply
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11 04,2016 19:04
There's a reason they got the role, but some seiyuus are just phenomenal -- like the characters were created just for them and them only~
From my blcd experience... I have to choose the one and only Ono Yuki. I mean he sounds amazing as both uke and seme! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ
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Let's see, there's: Ogeretsu Tanaka, Moegi Yuu, Mio Junta, Kanda Neko, Yamada Papiko, Kurahashi Tomo, Kuroiwa Chihaya, and so much more~! I love beautiful art by the way (>.   reply
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Wait, let me think..... my favorite blcd as of now would be Renai-rubi Tadashii Furikata. Come on, there's two couples, meaning 4 awesome seiyuus! They were AMAZING!!!!!!!   2 reply
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11 04,2016 15:10
It would be Ogawa Chise for me. I love how deep her plots are and I think she's a rising star in this industry!!! But Yamane Ayano and Ike Reibun will be the irreplaceable top 2 in my list! Kurahasi Tomo and Yoneda Kou are also regulars in my list :) (≧∀≦)   1 reply
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