Take me back to 1998. [Experience]
25 days ago
My first band was H.O.T. (High Five of Teenagers:: I miss them so much TT_TT   4 reply
25 days ago
Speaking of Lookism.. (⊙…⊙ )   1 reply
30 04,2017 22:34
When you read a manga, manhwa or manhua do you notice that certains characters have resemblances to an idol? like the appeareance, personality, etc. 
For example, Ginu from Window Beyond Window reminds me Jimin from BTS and I think Yubin is alike to Kihyun from Monsta X, and I need to clarify that
is like the hairstyle and face features remind me of this boys, I have more, but I can't remember right now.  If you have notice similarities like this, please, share your thoughts ٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ 
Pd: Sorry for any gramatical error.
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KPOP [Answer]
~ cool username ~ 18 12,2016 16:23
BTSヾ(☆▽☆) its because of them that I got(7) into kpop and now Im starting to like others groups (GOT7,SEVENTEEN,VIXX) but Bangtan will always be my number one group (≧∀≦) Bias?? How can you have a bias in BTS?? I cant pick one (/TДT)/ in GOT7.. Jackson   1 reply
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KPOP [Answer]
18 12,2016 14:50
I am not really into Girl Groups, Boy Groups FTW! ;D My favourites are GOT7 (Jackson) and BTS (everyone ;)) ). But I cannot understand how anyone can just decide on one favourite group/bias, I love more or less all groups (at least some of their songs - I am not following all of them): Shinee, BTS, Got7,Big Bang, etc...   reply
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KPOP [Answer]
18 12,2016 14:24
Army   reply
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KPOP [Answer]
18 12,2016 13:41
ahhh my ults are girl groups fiestar and tahiti! masc's "strange" ep, unicorn's "unicorn plus brand new label" ep and snuper's "rain of mind" ep are seriously the best minis this year!! ya'll have to listen to them ;A;   1 reply
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KPOP [Answer]
aquaventus 18 12,2016 13:40
TVXQ! since they were still 5 people. My bias is Jaejoong because he can sing and cook hahaha His life story is so amazing too. I really love their voices, especially when they sang Acappella. I still support them even though they are now seperate to TVXQ & JYJ During the reunion between Yunho&Jaejoong last year was the best new for Cassie like m......   reply
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KPOP [Answer]
18 12,2016 12:20
SHINee Shawol right here. My babies have grown so much since debut. Even tho I call them my babies, they're actually a lot older than me lol my first impression bias was Minho but after getting to know them, Taemin grabbed all my attention.   reply
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KPOP [Answer]
18 12,2016 12:13
I'm a huge Big Bang fan since their song "Lies", this song was like a magic spell haha. My bias is GD (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ I really like Super Junior a lot too. Nowadays, I'm really intoo IKON, BTS, Twice and Blackpink songs   reply
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KPOP [Question]
18 12,2016 11:30
What are your fandoms and who are your biases?  
My answers are in my experience thing from when I created this thing.
7 answer 18 12,2016 11:30
It has probably been about five years since I got into KPOP and I just love it. It makes me so happy. For male groups I am a HOTTEST/VIP/BBC/MELODY/ARMY/EXO-L/I GOT7/INSPIRIT/TINKERBELL/MONBEBE/YELLOWKIES/CARAT/SHAWOL/ELF/STARLIGHT. For female groups I am a BLACKJACK/ELVIS/PINK PANDA/EVERLASTING/*crayon pop fan*/LEGO/SONE/SAY A/STAR 1/*stellar fan......   reply
17 12,2016 23:44