I Wanna Be Able To Fly

14 09,2017 20:30
U know, almost every night I go out and sit in a place that everyone may be creeped out. It's completely dark and kind of horror. But, that's the point. So I can stargaze without any disturbing lights, and if I'm lucky I can see 3 planes passed at the same time. It's a wonderful view. And bcoz of that I often imagine what if I'm able to fly?? Haha ......   reply
14 09,2017 20:30
01 12,2016 22:22
I definitely will. But without strength of Kal-El, this will be very difficult, cause of radars and army.   reply
01 12,2016 22:22
I wanna Fly [Experience]
(● ̄(エ) ̄●)✧ 23 04,2016 11:01
The only experience i could come close to this is First Flight to a relative. Airplane so yeah lol. And Riding the ferris wheel. I mean, ur like High up and all, also Zipline. Honestly, the only thrill i got was from The Ferris Wheel, when i have the chance, i'd definitely go for some Bungee-jumping and Sky Diving, Hang gliding, Flying suit - the o......   reply
23 04,2016 11:01
it will be fun to fly [Experience]
airin 18 04,2016 14:07
well since childhood i wanted to fly with angel or kuro tenshi wings i know it's not possible i just wanted to fly not aeroplane because if i am sitting in any sides i won't be able to see the other side that's why i will learn to fly glider just to see a bit of the world but i have other ambition too i will just do it for fun well i won't be compl......   reply
18 04,2016 14:07
Learning to fly. [Experience]
18 04,2016 12:36
As a child I had convinced myself that I was going to be the tooth fairy. I'm not Joking. Every time I found out a classmate had a wobbly tooth, I'd sneak apples in their bags and other hard foods so they would lose the tooth while eating it. One day, a boy bit into the apple and lost his tooth. Thinking that my plan was going according to plan, I ......   2 reply
18 04,2016 12:36