Being Awake For Far Too Long

Got sick [Experience]
29 days ago
Got a massive headache,nauseous whenever i open my eyes, for reading nonstop almost 24/7,staring on my tab's screen. But never learn my lesson,still staying almost up till morning engross with my yaoi reading marathon♡♡:P   reply
29 days ago
yus [Experience]
lolcat 22 03,2017 15:20
I stayed up till 5 during school nights for about 4 days, mom found out, got in big trouble.   reply
22 03,2017 15:20
Addiction [Experience]
22 03,2017 15:09
It was a Friday and school ended. I immediately sat down in front of my laptop and just went on YouTube for many hours. I got so addicted i couldn't stop until I realized it was 4-5am and I was like HOLY SH-! Don't even mention summer vacation, it just gets worse. Another time was when I downloaded Mystic Messenger (lolol awesome game) and I sta......   reply
22 03,2017 15:09
School Holidays [Experience]
gabby 06 03,2017 08:32
it was the school holidays and I was like lol what even is the point of sleep, so I stayed up for a full 48 hours plus and then proceeded to sleep for half a day and the thing is I wasn't even feeling tired or sleepy, if anything I was way more hyper and honestly I don't even know what I did for those 48 hours because I have like no actual social l......   reply
06 03,2017 08:32
Withdrawal [Experience]
27 12,2016 23:43
2 or 3 days straight and a month.. Not totally straight through but ugh the pain of trying to get rest and being unable to... Finally passing out and waking up to look at the clock and realize that you only got an hour. I imagine bad insomnia is a similar pain. But I credit anime and manga immensely in helping me through many low painful points in ......   reply
27 12,2016 23:43
Dumb [Experience]
27 12,2016 12:26
I was trying to fix my fucked up sleep schedule so instead of going to bed at 6am I decided to stay up till 9pm (more or less 24 hours, no big deal). I got distracted by various things and when I realised it was already 2am. I wasn't tired at all so instead of counting sheep like a normal person would, I thought it would be a good idea to check a b......   reply
27 12,2016 12:26
A Fever [Experience]
Kawaii! :3
20 12,2016 21:44
it was the cause of too much manga and anime no joke.. :3 ┗( T﹏T )┛   reply
20 12,2016 21:44
The Worst Decision [Experience]
29 11,2016 03:54
I once made one of the stupidest mistakes in my life. It was after finals, and I hadn't slept for two days because of all the studying. I tried to sleep, but couldn't get tired. So I decided to watch an anime. WRONG CHOICE. I started to watch Peach Girl at around 9:30 PM. But the series was about a love triangle that really got on my nerves. I wan......   3 reply
29 11,2016 03:54
Unfortunately. [Experience]
29 09,2016 18:47
I suffer from insomnia so when my sleeping pills go out I basically have to be up. At first (when I didn't have insomnia) it was like a game to me, like "how many hours can I stay up without passing out".. That was really dumb, obviously. Since I stayed up all night I obviously slept through the day like a rock. And then during middle school I got ......   4 reply
29 09,2016 18:47
- is not for me. [Experience]
yhang 29 09,2016 13:45
I'm an architecture student so it's impossible to get proper sleep. Though, my limit is 36 hours. I have to take power naps in between. Because if I don't, I'll just be in daze and unable to comprehend. I'll just stare at what I'm suppose to do for a long time, and will not actually be able to do anything at all. And I'll most likely act like I'm d......   2 reply
29 09,2016 13:45
If I break my limit I can stay awake for as long as I can. I could go on for like a week or just for a couple of days. Which is fun but kinda boring if I don't have anything to obsess on like games, stories(any kind), series etc. So, sometimes I gotta cut my record if I became too bored of being awake. Besides, my dreams are almost always interest......   reply
01 09,2016 17:06
Yup [Experience]
Yuki Asena
01 09,2016 11:33
I can stay awake for only three day straight and no more if I stay awake for more than three days I past out , whenever I have an exam I stay awake to study but sometime fell asleep while taking the exam.   reply
01 09,2016 11:33
Finance exam.... [Experience]
hanahime 02 08,2016 04:33
I was reviewing for my finance exam when I realized that I needed more than one day to remember the things I already studied a week before... So I revised and revised until it was 7am. I got hungry so I ate. Couldn't sleep cuz I just ate so I revised. 8am and I have my exam at 12pm. So I only have 3 hours if I want to sleep. However I experienced ......   reply
02 08,2016 04:33
Lord of the Rings... [Experience]
Lobo_Solitario17 07 07,2016 19:53
Other time that I was awake for to long was when I woke up at 6 am, went back to bed at 11 pm, saw that ALL movies of the Lord of the Rings was going to be on the TV and just stood all night watching it... I was finally able to sleep at around 3pm ... basically around 33 hours with no sleep... nice (〜 ̄△ ̄)〜   1 reply
07 07,2016 19:53
Thief in the house.... [Experience]
Lobo_Solitario17 07 07,2016 19:48
I thought that someone broke in so after arming myself with a badminton racket, my phone and my teddy bear I tiptoed to the door, opened it and looked at the hall... no one was there... And that`s how I stayed up until 6 am cross legged on my bed hugging a badminton racket, my phone and of course... my teddy bear (as a 17 y/o should do of course) ......   reply
07 07,2016 19:48
nikkicchi 06 06,2016 14:19
...there was a really bad storm brewing in our country then, my brother's friends came over to watch DVDs and to drink. Didn't sleep a wink for 2 straight days. Come morning, I prepared early to go to school. I had trouble waiting 30 mins. for a 1-hour ride to school. I was feeling light-headed, since the alcohol's still in my system and w/o sleep,......   reply
06 06,2016 14:19
6 Days [Experience]
I See Dicks Everywhere.
05 06,2016 19:09
I've actually stayed up for six days without falling asleep. And not sleeping could probably kill you so after that, I slept like a log for the following days after. ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ Reasons why I stayed up so long: - It was during the finals and I had to study. ┗( T﹏T )┛ - After studying, I grew bored and decided to reward myself by pl......   1 reply
05 06,2016 19:09
A night or two [Experience]
03 06,2016 18:27
I didn't bother sleeping because I was having far too much fun with anime and manga and wasn't the least bit tired. Later on when I was cooking dinner, I fell asleep right then and there. Seriously. One moment I was pulling out onions, the next I was feeling much more awake, was still standing, and had just finished cutting the onions. Didn't have ......   4 reply
03 06,2016 18:27
Sick [Experience]
Alice Of Wonderland 22 05,2016 02:50
Honestly, for a day or so. That was before though and now I will get sick when I saty up too late.   reply
22 05,2016 02:50
too long, too often [Experience]
10 05,2016 06:56
Longest streak to date is three days and two nights! ( Or maybe a bit longer than that, at the time I wasn't in any condition to bother keeping track of hours ( ̄∇ ̄") ) Staying up for long periods of time (and sleeping too little) has always been one of my bad habits... Ever since I was little, reading gets me too much engrossed and if not st......   reply
10 05,2016 06:56