I'm trying. [Experience]
Matysia 13 03,2016 04:17
I mostly draw in digital. I recently got accepted to college for illustration and game arts course so I will work traditionally as well. I don't think I'm that good but I'm doing my best.   4 reply
13 03,2016 04:17
Painting [Experience]
13 03,2016 00:43
Not really that good at painting. I feel like I can't use a brush that well.   reply
13 03,2016 00:43
Paintinggggg [Experience]
ᒥ 틀림 ᒧ
12 03,2016 09:08
Nothing much to brag about, painting wasn't my thing but when I grew older I enhanced my skills so far—it's kinda good? Well, painting is simple. Painting represents your feelings if you can't represent them in words. My first painting is no other than a sunset (I don't even know why but yeah) it was very simple–it represents my feelings when e......   reply
12 03,2016 09:08
Aquarel painting [Experience]
[DELETED] 11 03,2016 20:25
Loved it in high school, dropped after starting working, want to start again My gallery http://rangda.deviantart.com   2 reply
11 03,2016 20:25