Dreams come true (?) [Experience]
23 06,2017 23:55
When I was at school, my friends and I stayed after class and used to watch X Japan's, and other japanese bands, concerts videos and hopping about some day travel to Japan to attend to one of their shows, we were 16 so it' was a really distant dream. Years passed, and the dream about going Japan was still far. So, one day something that I never th......   reply
23 06,2017 23:55
I hope that every single one of you are safe. Would just like to know if everyone is okay and, if this has affected any of you, I hope you know we will listen and support you. This is a thread to vent and for allies to lend an ear. So warning: be tolerant and don't use this as a platform to spread any hate. Cheers.   1 reply
23 05,2017 14:55
Yukine 15 07,2016 05:34
Okay so in July of last year I had the pleasure of going to one of the BTS concerts in their second Red Bullet Tour! The seats sold out so quickly that my family and I couldn't find any seats together, this was due to the fact my mother didn't believe me when I told her they'd sell out before she could even snap her finger... She underestimated th......   1 reply
15 07,2016 05:34
My first concert [Experience]
21 06,2016 02:59
This is a little embarrassing, but my first concert was... a Kidz Bop concert. I WAS LIKE 3 OK. I don't remember anything tho.   reply
21 06,2016 02:59
I enjoy concerts so much. It may sound weird, but what I enjoy most is the mosh pit-- it's like the heat and energy just radiates, the noise, the lights, the voices, and screams-- everyone is hyped and having a good time.   1 reply
21 05,2016 00:19
You mean in France? Haha I'm not part of the lucky bastards who get to see them unfortunately (well I'm still waiting for resale tickets even though my wallet is currently screaming how irresponsible I am haha) (╯°Д °)╯╧╧ Yeah Kcon is freaking expensive btw I don't think I can't even afford it since I'm still a minor and not financially ......   4 reply
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Not me .-. I already know its going to be lit, but I am going to GOT7's concert though! :)   3 reply
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I just want to know who's blessed enough to be able to actually see them!
2 answer 14 05,2016 03:59
Well, what can I say. From just a one-band live concert to week-long festivals, they are so awesome! It's not only that you get to see your favorite bands in front of your eyes and can sing along with them, but the people you know there, the good time you spend...! For me, Metal concerts and festivals are like a breath of fresh air! The neck pain ......   reply
21 04,2016 04:30
Concerts [Experience]
02 04,2016 23:58
On average I would say that I go to two concerts a year. Last year I went to three: BTS, Bigbang and Cold Chisel. Looking forward to what this year may bring.   2 reply
02 04,2016 23:58
being confused [Experience]
16 03,2016 23:38
So lot's happening here and I just don't know what exactly   reply
16 03,2016 23:38
I've not gone to many, some were with thousands and thousands of people but aren't considered concerts (since it's on the street, you go with the singer (not only one but a lot of them) during almost a whole day, you can leave when you are tired, you can pay to go with more comfort or just go by yourself. That's the carnaval in Salvador, Brazil), b......   1 reply
12 03,2016 18:08