online friendship [Experience]
jijita 18 05,2016 08:46
There's nothing like online friendship doesn't exist... It does and I have friends I met online about 7 years ago and we're still in touch until this day even thought we live so far away but we're hoping to meet someday, and I'm thankful that I get to know them and to have them in my life... Oh and I made a friend through this very site mangago it ......   reply
18 05,2016 08:46
26 04,2016 23:16
I have some friends online, and I really, really love them. But we can't even meet! I'm from Spain, and almost all of the are from Latin America. So, we have an ocean dividing us ahahhaa. But I hope I can see them all someday. It would be so nice.   reply
26 04,2016 23:16
Mail Friends [Experience]
yoyo 13 03,2016 05:07
I have some friends live far away from me. I met them from internet; interpals, japan-guide, tumblr and twitter. We keep up the contacts through Line, Whatsapp, email, and else. It feels like a dream to have them in my life. I hope I can meet them in real life one day.   1 reply
13 03,2016 05:07