I've never [Experience]
06 07,2017 13:06
I don't know if it's embarassing but I'm already 16 years old and never have been in love When my friends telling me different love stories I really get jealous, I want to have one too But it's not something to dream about,you can't decide it. I'm still waiting to my prince   1 reply
06 07,2017 13:06
Confused. [Experience]
AAA 14 06,2017 19:15
I don't really know what it feels like to 'fall in love'. there's been guys that I did like, but I always got over them too quickly. But when it came to my brother's friend then that would be the longest I'd ever liked someone before, I knew him since childhood and always got to see him as he was my brother's closest friend, and I used to look fo......   1 reply
14 06,2017 19:15
Regrets [Experience]
24 05,2017 07:11
I'm a girl who is now 16 but when I actually fell in love I was about 12. This wasn't actually the fake kind of love people often confuse with liking someone in elementary school, I believe this was real as I still love this girl up to this day. I had some mental problems I was going through since I was seven and in a sense it was a physical and me......   1 reply
24 05,2017 07:11
Love is my demon [Experience]
24 05,2017 05:57
Every since I was young boy, I been a very reserved and calm person. People thought this was "attractive" and manly in a way...I guess. Started in elementary when girls and boys would have crushes on me but never wanted to have a relationship with me. We'd just kiss and have some fluffy moments...For some people this would be a dream, not to me. I......   reply
24 05,2017 05:57
23 04,2017 02:14
I'm a girl who was in love with her straight best friend since first year of highschool. I've never told her that, she knew I was a lesbian and that was ok. I've had relationships, college, a lot to live... I didn't see her for 4 years and never forgot about her once. I decided to invest in a serious relationship with someone and that's what I'm ......   1 reply
23 04,2017 02:14
:'( [Experience]
Catrina ☯
13 04,2017 05:17
I think falling in love is such a beautiful thing, but I'm not lucky in my relationships, my first boyfriend broke up with me in valentines day through text messages and my recent ex boyfriend was 4 years older than me so he didn't had enough time for me so the best thing we could choose was breaking up but I'm still miss him... and it's killing me......   reply
13 04,2017 05:17
As a bisexual I will bluntly state that my romantic history has always ended in disaster. Every girl I ever liked was either straight or had zero interest in me. One girl event went as far to cyber bully me on the internet. Guys were rough as well since several of them refused to date me because of my ethnic background. I'm just never anyone's type......   reply
16 01,2017 02:00
kei_k 09 10,2016 09:17
Hmm, it was when I just turned 17, and was an incoming freshie in uni. He was 3 years older than me and went to a different university. We met online, and our relationship lasted for almost 6 years. He wasn't the best looking guy (I still get annoyed when people whisper insults when they see him, as if they're perfect.) but he was the best guy ......   2 reply
09 10,2016 09:17
Falling in love... well I haven't experienced one of those before but I have really really seriously liked someone before. It ended in utter disaster. Im a girl and she's a girl. We are both gay so eh yaaaaa. We met at my friends bday at a restaurant and I sat next to her. Instantly she caught my eye. She was the brightest person in the room. This ......   reply
09 10,2016 05:55
Ah, my first love. I met him in a chemistry class we shared in college, and the first words I've ever said to him was, "YOU MOTHERFUCKER YOU STOLE MY EARPHONES." He was 16 during those times and I was 17. We were both well known in the campus, actually. Him being a soccer player and being friends with fellow popular jocks while I was an infamous ......   1 reply
25 07,2016 15:08
My First Love [Experience]
Yukine 15 07,2016 05:23
I actually have fallen in love before and it ended in utter failure.. Nearly two years ago, so 11th grade, I went to a career-technical school instead of my home school where I met this guy... I didn't really think he was cute at first, I was drawn to him because he's a fan of kpop like me- and I hadn't met anyone else in my brief time period of o......   reply
15 07,2016 05:23
Crushes [Experience]
21 06,2016 02:56
So probably my first crush was... Nicki Minaj when I was 8 and it lasted till I was 11. I can't really count my elementary school crushes as real crushes because I was so young and I didn't know what love was. But I guess you can say my first REAL crush was my first boyfriend and now close friend. Probs the only reason I "dated" him was bc he like......   1 reply
21 06,2016 02:56
02 06,2016 21:21
Reading others experience I am going to have to speak on my own personal experiences. Most of you have claimed you were in love in highschool, or middle school or even elementary and I have to disagree and agree at the same time. You can fall for people at those ages but that young you have MOST likely (not everyone) not experienced real love. I us......   reply
02 06,2016 21:21
Bitch life... [Experience]
02 06,2016 11:26
Well... I've been in love with this guy who I met fot the first time when I first went to middle school. He was a year older than me and was my brother's classmate and friend. I didn't fall in love with him right away; it was in fact much later on that I realised; around the end of the school year. It's been five years ever since and I still haven'......   3 reply
02 06,2016 11:26
My first crush [Experience]
Phase the Moon 01 06,2016 03:34
*Sigh* Yeah...I fell in love with guy named Aiden, he's a pretty cool guy I met him in kindergarten it was my tenth day in the U.S. and I only know just a little bit of English so I always play alone. >.< So...how we met is that it was lunch time and I didn't eat lunch (I forgot why) so I was playing with my teddy bear, then Aiden walked up to me a......   3 reply
01 06,2016 03:34
27 05,2016 17:05
This guy was my schoolmate in highschool. I don't know if he remember this face of mine. He's got the cool aura, a genius, a pokerface, tightlipped type but you rarely see him smile. and he's really a nice guy, says my friend's classmate which is also his classmate. sounds like a manga character right? ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ At first he's just another c......   reply
27 05,2016 17:05
I have liked people to the point of being possessive or being melodramatic over them, but after a while, I quickly let go of whatever "feelings" I have for them. If I gain total possession of a certain person, I grow bored, and just release and move on to the next one. For now, I think I can safely say I have never been totally, hopelessly, madly i......   2 reply
23 05,2016 14:41
Just happened [Experience]
Alice Of Wonderland 22 05,2016 02:42
I just happened to fall in love with the guy I like. We went to school together for 2, almost 3, years. A girl I met on my second year with him, started to date him. That's when I realized how I felt. Even to this day I watch him, (not creepily) but won't confess.   reply
22 05,2016 02:42
It just happened [Experience]
RubySama 24 03,2016 04:15
I don't remember falling in love, it simply happened. I had talked to the guy a lot about anime and manga and Japan for about 2 years straight, then one day my friends asked me if I liked someone, and then I realized that I like him. It just sort of happened. Like a manga.   1 reply
24 03,2016 04:15
Rin 13 03,2016 06:29
Actually, I'm bipolar and since I don't take meds (cause they all make me feel like shit) My feelings and moods towards people change unexpectedly so I push away and pull people back a lot. I question a lot of my pass relationships especially my high school flings (THEN AGAIN, I like to pretend most things from high school didn't happen lol) Lik......   1 reply
13 03,2016 06:29