I Make Jewelry [Experience]
02 06,2017 04:28
^_^ I even started my own little business (with the help of Etsy). I love working with leather and beads on chains. My favourite jewelry to make is chokers. I'm discovering I have a really small neck....and I promise I have more than one shirt...and I apologize if the pics are upside down or sideways or whatnot, my camera is really weird...   1 reply
02 06,2017 04:28
LadyBridy☃ 13 03,2016 08:05
Once I'm addict to leather making, I bought a set of tools and made serval little things like coin purse. The biggst thing I made is this men's wallet. Ok, the photos shows it's not so finely crafted as I thought. (⊙…⊙ ) It took me a whole weekend, but I think it's worthy when I seeing the big smile from my boyfriend's face. (▰˘◡˘......   1 reply
13 03,2016 08:05