Thank Yaoi For Existing

If yaoi didn't exist, I wouldn't the quirky, edgy fangirl that I love to be so much. I wouldn't be 'me'. Just to think such a vile thought seems cancerous... So, thank you Yaoi Edge Lords for coming into existence... pun intended! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭   1 reply
08 02,2017 21:36
Thanks yaoi! [Experience]
06 01,2017 23:21
Since i read yaoi i know love is much much much better than the one in shoujo (no offense tho). I know how beautiful a story can be. Probably one of the best thing ever happened to me, to read yaoi. To satisfy my needs of good story. Nothing beats yaoi, thanks yaoi for existing!   reply
06 01,2017 23:21
Thanks to yaoi I can finally be freed from this world and into my imagination world full of yaoi. When're I'm stressed, bored or sad reading yaoi always makes me fell better, I always have fun no matter which one I reads and I really love the straightforward of yaoi.   2 reply
15 08,2016 04:24
A blessing [Experience]
Shika-chan 26 07,2016 01:21
Yaoi is incredible and I may actually be addicted (not really ideal as I rarely leave my house to meet friends bc I haven't read all the Yaoi in the world yet). I can't remember when I first read it 2, 3 years ago? But I now read daily, especially when I am stressed as it calms me down. I am an art student and being able to read a romantic tale whi......   1 reply
26 07,2016 01:21
Fujoshi Empire [Experience]
25 06,2016 10:49
I am so grateful to the wonderful human who picked up their pencil and bore life into what we now know as Yaoi. Yaoi is life man!!! I am so glad I discovered yaoi. When I read yaoi I feel like I am watching a tv series or a movie I immerse myself in the story and I feel excitement, sadness, happiness and even anger it's my own little world. (Now my......   reply
25 06,2016 10:49 of excitement and joys of being a fujoshi. Most RL love story, especially to us common folks, are so boring and lacks "oomphf!", that these yaoi mangas have. And I'm so thankful I got myself into this really beautiful genre of yaoi that I never want to go back to not knowing them at all...ლ(´ڡ`ლ)   reply
06 06,2016 13:32
Every day [Experience]
28 05,2016 11:33
Yaoi is great. I am super happy to be able to read it.   reply
28 05,2016 11:33
13 05,2016 01:29
Thanks to all the mangakas who deliver great stories, even though I'm sure they have to deal with the criticisms of others who won't understand. Thanks to all the brave male voice actors for being dedicated enough to give all of us ladies and gents nosebleeds, lol. Thanks to the scan teams that devote time to translate the works and even the freaki......   reply
13 05,2016 01:29
im very thankful for yaoi for filling my boring days with smut and fluff because I have no life and yaoi gives me happiness. this is were the sarcasm comes in, id also like to thank yaoi for being the reason I have no life. ohh whale...yaoi FTW ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍   1 reply
12 05,2016 21:38
Thank you.. [Experience]
29 04,2016 23:41
I don't remember when i started to read yaoi, but i can say that yaoi manga is my safe place. I am just waiting to come home to read manga, i can never relate to 'love stories' but yaoi is just different for me, i can connect to the male characters. I mean in the end who cant love Bl?! ┑( ̄Д  ̄)┍   2 reply
29 04,2016 23:41
Thank you, certainly [Experience]
17 04,2016 02:56
I never really liked love stories. Sure, when it was inside a good story it was cool, but I just couldn't read a good romance story. I was watching them and thought "well, that's all bullshit. it's like... so cheap. no, that's not for me". But oh, when yaoi entered my life. Those stories, that drama, those sexy boys! It expanded my horizons, and I ......   reply
17 04,2016 02:56
Sweet addiction! [Experience]
aluminium 15 04,2016 22:00
It's funny I can't remember when I started to read yaois but now I'm addicted you this type of mangas and I can't sleep before reading some! I read yaois mangas from many different sites before, but now I'm in love woth mangago as much as The manga!!! Here I feel good! I mean I recieve so much energies and I really have fun! I barely have a friend ......   reply
15 04,2016 22:00
11 04,2016 06:40
So lately (past decade) I've having a really hard time with just about everything. But when I feel really down I read some good yaoi and I'm like, yes. This is what I'm here for. There's an endless amount of yaoi yet to read, much less write! So thank you for existing, yaoi manga/hua/hwa, mangaka and scanlators who make my like happier.   2 reply
11 04,2016 06:40