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I remember watching Sailor Moon when I was in kindergarten. Every day before I went to school I watched that anime during breakfast. I guess Sailor Moon is the first anime I watch. As for manga, I think the first one is some shoujo manga I don't even remember what it is about.   7 reply
07 04,2016 22:17
my first anime was ouran high school host club and it is my all time favorite anime til this day & my first manga was pita ten & i'm so glad i read it while i was young bc i would probably hate it now oml.   3 reply
15 05,2016 20:44
I was hit hard by the onion cutting ninjas in sixth grade. (I know I'm a late bloomer) My first anime.....Clannad   2 reply
30 12,2016 08:03
My very first anime was dragon ball z , it was introduced to me by my brother. We used to watch it every time it was telecasted like maniacs lol. And my first manga was you're my loveprize in viewfinder ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄   4 reply
10 08,2016 16:59
my first anime was Death Note. that shit is lit. I melted when I first saw L, not gonna lie. my first manga was Tokyo Ghoul: Re. I just finished watching the TG series, so I decided to read the manga. I was so confused, so I went to the first manga. I catched up (with my heart aching), and finally understanded :Re more. TG:RE is the shit, and it's ......   4 reply
22 07,2016 12:52
My first anime was like Yu-Gi-Oh. I watched it with my uncle, because he was super into anime. Soooo fucking looonnggg aggoooo!! ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ. My first manga though was vampire knight. I am not very proud of that phase *hides in a hole* (● ̄(エ) ̄●).   3 reply
18 04,2016 05:32
My first anime was Naruto like almost every Georgiana's. ... my first yaoi anime was junjou romantica.... first yaoi manga was yaoi too and it was. ''1-en no Otoko''.....   1 reply
02 07,2016 08:55
When I was young on TV came Pokemon, Digimon an Yu-gi oh. Back then I did´t know that was anime. My first real anime did I find on YouTube coincidently: Tokyo Mew Mew. At some point the episodes just stopped and I searched every where for the end and didn´t find it. I was so sad. So from then on I was hooked on anime and always searched for new o......   1 reply
05 06,2016 13:56
First anime: Rurouni Kenshi (but the dub was called Samurai X) First manga: I'm in love with my younger sister (⊙…⊙ )   1 reply
24 11,2016 15:22
My first anime was the classic Sailor Moon, subbed version (thank god). My first manga was I think Faster than a Kiss?   reply
15 04,2016 02:12
When I was 7 My first Anime was "Future Diary" since my Big Brother really loved those Anime with actions and blood and stuff, and when I entered 7th grade I was scolded by my parents since I stayed up all night watching anime so I turned in a new leaf and started reading Manga My first manga was "Last Game" It was so cute and romantic and funny bu......   3 reply
18 days ago
My first anime was Fruits Basket. I'd watched Bleach on adult swim as a child, but I hated it. Fruits Basket was girly, so I liked it immediately. I branched out and eventually got around to watching a little bit of Bleach. I enjoyed it a lot more. I watch anime of all different types now, girly or not. My first manga was Alice in The Country of H......   1 reply
26 10,2016 06:09
My First anime was i think Fushigi yuugi? can't remember. As far as i remember, Fushigi yuugi is the first anime that i watched till the end. I watched it together with my mom, she really love it. And my first manga was naruto... because i can't wait for the next episode in anime so i read it, i want to know what happen next. So that's it.   2 reply
01 04,2016 13:10
my first anime was Pokemon lmao that was my religion and my first manga i read was Junjou Romantica   1 reply
12 04,2016 02:20
My first anime was Sailor Moon, and my first manga was Love Hina !   reply
30 06,2016 12:39
my very first manga was the law of ueki i was going to a tutor's house with my sister, and while it was her turn being tutored i would wait in the living room and read the books they had there. they had the entire series of law of ueki in korean, so i ended up reading them all over the course of a few weeks. they also had...shugo chara i think? an......   reply
23 03,2016 15:09
My first anime was Girls Bravo. I'd been at a friends house flipping through Netflix. We'd just stumbled past the cover of Ouran Highschool(which we had back then studiously avoided because it looked like a gay cartoon). Then we turned on girls bravo and I was mesmerized. I spent the rest of the day slaving over the TV trying to watch more episodes......   1 reply
21 10,2016 17:07
My first anime was Haruhi suzumiya (to young to actually understand) and my first manga was marmalade boy.   reply
06 10,2016 11:37
First anime: Yuri on Ice First manga: I forgot since I read so many   1 reply
10 07,2017 05:32
My first manga was noblesse and my first anime was yu gi oh   3 reply
30 04,2016 19:44

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