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I remember watching Sailor Moon when I was in kindergarten. Every day before I went to school I watched that anime during breakfast. I guess Sailor Moon is the first anime I watch. As for manga, I think the first one is some shoujo manga I don't even remember what it is about.   5 reply
07 04,2016 22:17
My very first anime was dragon ball z , it was introduced to me by my brother. We used to watch it every time it was telecasted like maniacs lol. And my first manga was you're my loveprize in viewfinder ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄   3 reply
10 08,2016 16:59
my first anime was Death Note. that shit is lit. I melted when I first saw L, not gonna lie. my first manga was Tokyo Ghoul: Re. I just finished watching the TG series, so I decided to read the manga. I was so confused, so I went to the first manga. I catched up (with my heart aching), and finally understanded :Re more. TG:RE is the shit, and it's ......   reply
22 07,2016 12:52
My first anime was like Yu-Gi-Oh. I watched it with my uncle, because he was super into anime. Soooo fucking looonnggg aggoooo!! ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ. My first manga though was vampire knight. I am not very proud of that phase *hides in a hole* (● ̄(エ) ̄●).   reply
18 04,2016 05:32
my first anime was ouran high school host club and it is my all time favorite anime til this day & my first manga was pita ten & i'm so glad i read it while i was young bc i would probably hate it now oml.   2 reply
15 05,2016 20:44
My first anime was Naruto like almost every Georgiana's. ... my first yaoi anime was junjou romantica.... first yaoi manga was yaoi too and it was. ''1-en no Otoko''.....   1 reply
02 07,2016 08:55
My first anime was the classic Sailor Moon, subbed version (thank god). My first manga was I think Faster than a Kiss?   reply
15 04,2016 02:12
When I was young on TV came Pokemon, Digimon an Yu-gi oh. Back then I did´t know that was anime. My first real anime did I find on YouTube coincidently: Tokyo Mew Mew. At some point the episodes just stopped and I searched every where for the end and didn´t find it. I was so sad. So from then on I was hooked on anime and always searched for new o......   1 reply
05 06,2016 13:56
I was in kindergarten and I used to watch a bunch of things with my sister and brother. We ended up getting really into Detective was literally on at 4:30am in the was ridiculous . Like me, a kindergartener staying up till then...I think that's also where I developed my bad habit of staying up late...anyways my first manga e......   1 reply
01 04,2016 10:28
My First anime was i think Fushigi yuugi? can't remember. As far as i remember, Fushigi yuugi is the first anime that i watched till the end. I watched it together with my mom, she really love it. And my first manga was naruto... because i can't wait for the next episode in anime so i read it, i want to know what happen next. So that's it.   1 reply
01 04,2016 13:10
my first anime was Pokemon lmao that was my religion and my first manga i read was Junjou Romantica   reply
12 04,2016 02:20
My first anime was Sailor Moon, and my first manga was Love Hina !   reply
30 06,2016 12:39
my very first manga was the law of ueki i was going to a tutor's house with my sister, and while it was her turn being tutored i would wait in the living room and read the books they had there. they had the entire series of law of ueki in korean, so i ended up reading them all over the course of a few weeks. they also had...shugo chara i think? an......   reply
23 03,2016 15:09
My first anime was Girls Bravo. I'd been at a friends house flipping through Netflix. We'd just stumbled past the cover of Ouran Highschool(which we had back then studiously avoided because it looked like a gay cartoon). Then we turned on girls bravo and I was mesmerized. I spent the rest of the day slaving over the TV trying to watch more episodes......   reply
21 10,2016 17:07
I was hit hard by the onion cutting ninjas in sixth grade. (I know I'm a late bloomer) My first anime.....Clannad   reply
23 days ago
My first anime was Haruhi suzumiya (to young to actually understand) and my first manga was marmalade boy.   reply
06 10,2016 11:37
My first manga was noblesse and my first anime was yu gi oh   1 reply
30 04,2016 19:44
First anime: Rurouni Kenshi (but the dub was called Samurai X) First manga: I'm in love with my younger sister (⊙…⊙ )   reply
24 11,2016 15:22
First Anime were three items, Astro Boy, Prince Planet (Planet Boy Papi) and Marine Boy (Undersea Boy Marine) - they began being broadcast here in the states around the late '60's early '70's. Marine Boy was particularly bishi for a boy, and it featured a mermaid and a dolphin. First manga is harder - if you're talking Japanese manga then I would ......   2 reply
22 09,2016 22:43
My first anime was Fruits Basket. I'd watched Bleach on adult swim as a child, but I hated it. Fruits Basket was girly, so I liked it immediately. I branched out and eventually got around to watching a little bit of Bleach. I enjoyed it a lot more. I watch anime of all different types now, girly or not. My first manga was Alice in The Country of H......   1 reply
26 10,2016 06:09

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