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Caribbean- the place where you do nothing. It's like holiday everyday. You fishing, making moons, and rest. No one tolds you what to do. You are free and happy.   reply
11 06,2016 08:35
At the moment? New Zealand. Especially if the elections here go badly. Though, I guess I should at least visit there first ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ   3 reply
11 03,2016 15:20
OMG if i was rich i would go to Japan like right now!!!!!!! Someday   2 reply
24 04,2016 04:11
I really want to live in either Finland or Iceland. They're both such peaceful countries, with gorgeous languages and amazing landscapes. I grew up in Florida, but the idea of living in a dark, snowy country seems really exciting to me. I also really want to see the northern lights. Other places I plan on living are Wales and Prague. I could go on ......   2 reply
11 06,2016 05:58
If language is not a problem, I want live in Japan! They have mystery history and colorful culture.   1 reply
11 03,2016 15:29
Southern Europe, Greece, Spain or Italy.I see myself spending my days visiting museums and some of the world's most amazing monuments, eating great food and flirting with hot guys.   reply
10 06,2016 22:59
I want to live in Japan bcause of the anime and manga. I want to go to akihabara all day and then become poor pfft. I want to study about their culture, it seems really interesting, but then living here -indonesia- is not really bad at all (=・ω・=)   reply
11 06,2016 10:40
İceland , like heaven   1 reply
11 06,2016 12:16
It”s so hard to choose because I want to live and see/visit a lot of places in this world but the top choices for countries I”d like to live in are Japan,France and Iceland (or any Scandinavian country really).Jp,because I love the culture,history,civilization and quirkiness of the people and I plan to study hard and learn their language. Franc......   reply
17 days ago
Iceland, beautiful landscapes, awesome music, great people. That's my dream.   reply
17 days ago
I live in Indonesia and I think I'm perfectly fine here. But I would really love to visit Japan and stay there for a few weeks sometime in the future...   reply
09 01,2017 12:27
Germany (I'm in love to Germany Football Team since I was a little girl), England (This is the country of Sherlock Holmes), Netherland (I wanna know how it feels to smoke pot freely without worrying the police), Thailand (I wanna see the set/ location of 'The Beach'. I heard it was filmed there), Japan (I wanna see Mount Fuji. I like mountains), Am......   reply
09 01,2017 13:34
I want to live in all countries. My dream is to go country to country on impulse. Alas, it's still impossible.   1 reply
10 01,2017 11:26
I'm from Croatia, went to university in Austria, went as an exchange student to Germany, later lived in England, now living in Japan and in a about a year I'm moving to South Korea so the country where I want to live in changes all the time.   reply
10 01,2017 13:30
Japan, and I am actually planning to go there in the near future, maybe in 5 years or so. I first plan to study hard on the language though. And raise the funds..... Which is really painful because I'm a student and almost all my money goes into living expenses.... ┗( T﹏T )┛   reply
10 01,2017 16:23
Right now I'm planning to stay in France ^^ But I'm the kind of person that just goes where they see a light, so I might end up in any country XD I wouldn't want to live in a country where religion is really important though (whatever religion it is), or in a country where the army has a decision on law. Although that last point tends to become ra......   reply
10 01,2017 16:42
Canada. I moved from Poland to UK for school but I hate this place. Australia was my top1 choice before but I have a very strong arachnofobia so that's a no.   reply
10 01,2017 17:01
I want to live in Alaska or Canada. Somewhere in the mountains where it stays cold and pretty. I have an inability to feel cold but I get too hot really easily. Anything above 40°F (4°C) puts me at risk for heat exhaustion ( ̄ε(# ̄)Σ   reply
10 01,2017 18:48
Canada: i have now idea why, but my boyfriend and i always talk about moving there   1 reply
17 02,2017 23:05
Japan cause after reading so much manga I wanna go to high school over there and live all those love stories and stuff. And Australia, it's been my dream since I was like 5, all the animals, they speak English, which is my most loved language, Japanese is just after, the sea seems really beautiful, it has great history, with the aboriginals and ev......   reply
10 06,2016 20:14

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