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1. Two normal, manly men handling their relationship and sex seriously and realistically. Both of them looking average, i.e. if you saw them on the street you couldn't tell if they're gay or not, let alone which one's a seme or uke. 2. Sassy and shameless uke, but only when having sex with his seme, not the slut type that goes around seducing anyt......   2 reply
18 01,2017 14:17
Queen ukes are the best. So a queen uke and a dominant and possessive seme ლ(´ڡ`ლ)   2 reply
18 01,2017 03:17
Dominant uke and Younger seme ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄ switch couple is a yes-yes though !!!!   reply
18 01,2017 20:51
I want the seme to be kind of dumb and funny. I don't want the uke to be too girly, I hate yaois where the uke almost look like a girl with the anime girl's eyes and whatnot plus the way they delicately move and act, I want the both of them to be able to stand alone and not make the uke look like a fucking damsel in distress. And of course, good a......   1 reply
25 01,2017 17:48
"Doumeki x Yashiro" kind of couple!! that's it! (≧∀≦)   reply
16 02,2017 17:31
well either I love realistic couple who are not defined by who take it up in the *ss. (you know real gay people I know don't just take a role of seme or uke, they switch and all.) (///3///) and the other one is really cliched stories but as a twist the uke is seme and the seme is uke. Something like tsundere seme and cool possessive uke. (ノ≧∇......   1 reply
19 01,2017 09:10
younger!seme x older!uke, seito x sensei, kouhai x senpai, co-workers, childhood friend, one straight, brocest, initially reject but want at the end,,   1 reply
18 01,2017 15:34
I love the trope of innocent and hardworking glasses-wearing uke, with a really cool and smooth seme that becomes goofy and awkuard when he's around his uke...... Basically the main couple from the manga Darling lmao I just basically like yaoi couples were at first glance it seems like the seme is out of the uke's league, but turns out they're just......   2 reply
18 01,2017 17:11
Oh gosh I have so many...I'll just name a few general ones :) Older uke x younger seme (not by a lot, maybe 2 or 3 years?) Manly uke x manly seme   reply
19 01,2017 02:19
My favorite are definitely the bickering couples. They have this hilarious dynamic that adds a lot to the plot and it usually eases into the relationship. I find yaoi the hottest when it makes me wait for it and teases me along the way. I can't stand rape (yes that includes "sorry I can't stop"), girl looking ukes, overly selfish and/or sensitive ......   reply
19 01,2017 02:36
I like couples that are rock solid, with a pushy/possessive seme, and a confident/sensual uke.   reply
13 07,2017 05:51
I love delinquent/punk/yakuza couples a lot. I always find myself coming back to those stories. I also equally love stories with a handsome seme and unconventional uke (ugly or scary or bigger than the seme). Honestly any unconventional couple really makes the story better for me. My absolute favourite are fluffy stories (without smut even though I......   2 reply
04 04,2017 00:09
Realistic couples. They should have personalities that make them interesting and special.   1 reply
31 07,2017 02:03
Scarlet Beriko kind, strong uke, guys with similar builds and slowly fall in love with each other. Ichikawa Kei couples are also my favourites. Manga with actual gay guys is also nice.   reply
17 12,2016 04:32
Riba. Where both look like guys and have mostly manly personalities and are at least a little aggressive. Also couples that bicker incessantly. ヾ(☆▽☆)   reply
17 12,2016 06:42
A hopeless man x mentally ill guy like Royal Servants.   reply
18 01,2017 14:26
The switchs, the I love it when they play around with the positions, or at least it's brought about, even if they choose to stay as they were The taller, shy and slender uke with an energetic, shorter (but not short) and sweet seme .... A Matter of Life and Death (on TAPAS), they're my favorite type of couple The athletic power bottom with a swee......   reply
18 01,2017 18:59
A couple where both of them are cool and manly like in blue sky complex Or one where the seme is suuuuper gentle and the uke a lot sadist towards the seme I love all original couples that doesn't follow the habitual storyline ( seme manly uke feminine)   1 reply
16 02,2017 09:22 I absolutely adore a couple like this where they aren't really gay but like they just love each other.. I dont know I really love progressive couples that aren't so forced... also most of the time the dynamic of the couple, especially when the Uke is very Tsundere while the Seme is nai......   reply
04 04,2017 00:28
Unexpected seme-like uke and unexpected uke-like seme. No love triangles. No slutty uke or seme that sleeps with other people(loyalty is key) even if its still just a one sided crush. If they were slutty in the past, they should remain faithful to current crush/lover. Possessive loving from both sides. I really love it when the seme-like Uke is abl......   reply
04 04,2017 09:46

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