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hibernate and maybe death   1 reply
31 07,2017 04:40
go to work. Because they have free and pretty fast WiFi and I need to use the library. My boss went on holiday until next year Jan 2nd. I'll be a library geek before she came back cause I need to learn everything about my first job. (not saying I'll cut my otaku life though hehehe' Day is for study and night is for bishies.)   reply
17 12,2016 14:30
S L E E P A N D E A T Then get drunk at Christmas and new year parties bc my friends are making me go even though I'm like you Id much rather chill at home stuffing my face and reading manga on this site smh. Then go shopping bc all asked for this year was money from everyone and since I'm in college I think my family might be generous.   reply
17 12,2016 14:59

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