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When the Uke is so fucking feminine that it be looking like a rare pokemon. Like what guy are you looking at to draw this character??? Huge ass eyes, skinny af, short af, etc. I like uniqueness in my yaoi. Ya feel? Some manly uke and shit makes things interesting. I also don't like that rape shit. Also, threesomes with twins just weird as fuck man.......   3 reply
21 12,2016 05:03
1) when seme insults uke middle of sex as uke is "gay" or "like mans big cock" //oh dude u just stickin' ur penis in his hole wtf r u talkin bout u r gay too! 2) when uke is so fucking tiny&girly with his giant ass eyes and his partners dick is same as length as with UKES FUCKING WHOLE ARM. how does it even fit? 3)ugly, sweating, old farts raping......   5 reply
05 01,2017 20:18
22 12,2016 03:39
1) When the uke is obviously getting raped and the seme goes like "Shut up, you're a slut, a faggot, you're enjoying this." 2) When the uke looks like a girl with a penis. Nope. 3) I N C E S T NOPENOPENOPENOPE 4) Saying "pussy" 5) Shota   reply
22 12,2016 03:39
21 12,2016 09:08
When the plot get so freaking complicated you don't know what shit's happening anymore. And when the glowing stick appears after their pants are off.(╯°Д °)╯╧╧   2 reply
21 12,2016 09:08
- any and all incest - too large age gap - too young characters - too feminine/loli uke - bad/sloppy/unrealistic art style - bad pacing - love triangles sometimes - characters that are difficult to distinguish - dumb characters - useless girl side characters - necrophilia - too much sex I still will read manga with some of these aspects but I defi......   1 reply
21 12,2016 20:32
Lady P0ny
22 12,2016 22:23
In first place, cheating. Second, free rape (if the rape subjected is portrayed in a realistic way and it is shown that it is NOT an OKAY thing to do, it doesn't bother me at all, but free rape is useless in a story). And last but not least, bad drawings.   reply
22 12,2016 22:23
When the art style is really shitty, or when there's just TOO many things happening at once. If it's smut then I guess when the beta is childish. I don't dig incest either.   2 reply
21 12,2016 03:49
I hate rape, even when it's when the "uke" (i hate that word) says no but is "enjoying" it. On that note i hate the "Seme uke" dichotomy. I hate heteronormativity being imposed on same sex relationships. Altho concerning the rape, i like when it's acknowledged and addressed, that makes for an interesting dynamic. Also i hate it when the "seme" (god......   3 reply
06 01,2017 12:15
21 12,2016 16:57
Repitition. Seeing the same kind of story over and over again. Always having the one guy be reluctant for sex. Always comparing the various aspects of their relationship to straight relationships. Making lightly homophobic comments as if the author is ashamed of their own work. Always having at least one guy be new to being gay. Never switching up ......   4 reply
21 12,2016 16:57
Sometimes clichés turn me off. Like feminine weak uke, emotionless seme, that cruel bitchy female antagonist, dead/bad parents, CEO's son... If the story is still interesting, those won't bother me much, but srsly they are overused. Also rape, incest, annoying love triangle are not my things. I may be old school, but if they are going to have sex......   1 reply
22 12,2016 00:28
1. Blood 2. The usage of a particular Sex toy (that long thing like a stick they put inside men's penis to block man from cumming) 3. Sex with animals 4. Expresionless uke & seme 5. Seme has big penis and uke has small body and ass (How the heck 'it' can get inside???!!!!) 6. Pee 7.Yaoi with bad art   reply
03 01,2017 14:11
rotten 05 01,2017 17:03
1.rape not handled properly and forgiven easily and rape in general 2.assholish seme 3.seriously young children forced in yaoi chemistry between the uke and the seme 5. using terms such as asspussy, peepee etc (they are more funny and distracting then a actual turn off) 6.cheaters (who are usually semes in the yaoi world) cheating and then ge......   reply
05 01,2017 17:03
05 01,2017 23:02
anything immoral that's being passed as romantic and shit. i can digest rape/incest if its for a deeper plot but most manga involving it completely ignore how wrong it is and somehow everyone is happy at the end.   3 reply
05 01,2017 23:02
when the uke is more dominant in bed aka when the seme lies there and the uke gets on top to ride him and acts like hes done this a thousand times and licks his lips and smirks and the seme just blushes and doesnt do anything or when the uke is a sadist and whips the seme and stuff i dont know why but i think its weird   2 reply
21 12,2016 10:01
1) Rape. 2) Incest. 3) Stockholm Syndrome. 4) "I'm not gay I'm just fucking like three guys" 5) Age difference obviously too large. ヽ(`Д´)ノ   1 reply
22 12,2016 03:19
22 12,2016 05:52
Super over used cliche stuff. Piss poor art that just looks plain shitty. Dumb dialog! The whole extra shota who "S-Senpai~" shit. And not when they put the lines over the dongs, but when they're covered with that glow thing. It kind of just ruins everything. And also when some chick comes between the two guys and just RUINS EVERYTHING!!!!!   2 reply
22 12,2016 05:52
Having been a BL fans for 19 years, I've accumulated a large list of pet peeves that seem to be VERY different from everyone else's answers. *When one of the MCs is a self-sabotaging pessimist with low self-esteem who tries to break up the relationship before anything could go wrong simply because they're afraid it might, or have little faith in......   reply
03 08,2017 10:07
Sometimes when they come. There are some "climax faces" that are or funny or scary. Also when they cry during sex, for me that its really weird.   1 reply
22 12,2016 02:31
22 12,2016 05:58
I do not like when the seme younger uke for 10 years or more   1 reply
22 12,2016 05:58
necechan 22 12,2016 23:46
Glasses! If the Seme wears glasses it's just ugh. Student teacher is gross also. Other than messy art ill read anything   2 reply
22 12,2016 23:46

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