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Skylar.Cross 14 03,2017 23:42
First of all, don't start to justificate or condemn something by saying "Normal people don't ...." unless you want to be immediately discredited. It makes you sound silly, and unthoughtful. No one is truly "normal". 2nd of all, you do NOT know everyone's reasons for doing it, so belittling their reasons by saying its "ridiculous" or insulting them ......   reply
14 03,2017 23:42
19 05,2017 08:54
Um okay listen up, I have untreated bipolar disorder. Ever since I was very little, like 4yo, I was bullied for something. I was too nice, too naive, too good, I didn't fit in. In high school I was involved in many different psychologically abusive relationships with people and in my second year, when I was 16, I broke down. I was always too hard o......   1 reply
19 05,2017 08:54
Serinity 28 04,2017 06:48
People who have not experienced depression and severe depression have no right to comment on this. I have been through severe depression and was suicidal. I have a loving family, loving pets, and many friends but that did not help because when going through depression you don't think that you matter. In my own experience I had two different voices.......   reply
28 04,2017 06:48
10 01,2017 04:30
In my opinion only weak people kill themselves because it's much harder to live. We all suffer at some point, no one is happy all the time but we fight, try hard, survive and get on with our life without giving up or running away (suicide). In country where I'm from, Croatia, suicide happens but it's not common. But in country where I live at the m......   4 reply
10 01,2017 04:30
15 03,2017 01:17
Try to read: That last part is very true, saying that everything's gonna be ok is total bullshit. Listening to them would work better than saying robotic(insensitive) advices. For a person who has depression (speaking from experience) it's not that they're weak, it is simply that they are very sensitive. In fact, some people with depression are ......   reply
15 03,2017 01:17
10 01,2017 05:27
This is my first time responding to a post. I have bipolar. I have tried to kill myself. I am so glad that I did not succeed. Yes, it seems like a selfish act. But when I was suffering from depression... not situational depression (a tradegy that happened recent and singular) but diagnosed depression, it did not seem selfish at all. In fact, I thou......   1 reply
10 01,2017 05:27
Spacetato 10 01,2017 05:39
As someone who is suicidal, and also had a friend commit suicide, almost no forms of advice or comfort have helped me improve mentally. I have had to find strength on my own, and it's proven to be effective, but every so often I slip into moods where I become desperate to talk to a psychologist, and end up falling deeper into my "depression". I mys......   3 reply
10 01,2017 05:39
10 01,2017 06:24
I've been at least mildly suicidal since I was say 8 or 9? I'm 23 now and while I've struggled with self harm over the last few years, I've never actually attempted to kill myself. For me, it's not so much that I want to die, just existing is really difficult sometimes. I get sad for days on end for no real reason, I'm tired all the time, I've been......   3 reply
10 01,2017 06:24
29 04,2017 08:41
I don't think that a person who tries or wants to kill themselves is weak. They've taken some pretty big beatings in order to get themselves to that point. I think once you've been pushed against the wall without an alternate solution to the situation(s) that put you there, you feel there is no way out. I think for many it's black and white thin......   1 reply
29 04,2017 08:41
15 03,2017 22:48
First of all, don't say "It will get better", 'cause when one lives with depression it never gets better. You just learn to bear it better. That doesn't mean a depressed person cannot smile, laugh or feel genuine happiness. It means that all these and other positive emotions last much shorter and don't run deep, while the pain is permanent, an emot......   reply
15 03,2017 22:48
SugarySuga 10 01,2017 04:36
I managed to convince my friend to stay alive a little longer by reminding her of all the things she's good at. Her grades, her class rank, the colleges that accepted her, and all her talents. When a person is depressed, they tend to forget all the good things about themselves and only focus on their negatives, and so I tried to get her mind off th......   reply
10 01,2017 04:36
icey9868 10 01,2017 04:48
It is normal to have suicidal thought in adolescence age due to depression or any other reason. However, it can be avoided only if the one who wanna to kill him/herself told us that he/she needs our help. We can't read other's mind (although I believe there are special ones with this ability), so we can't straightly said what we think as the right......   1 reply
10 01,2017 04:48
15 03,2017 01:41
If you're really scared about someone's safety, you should convince them to get help. There's nothing normal about suicidal thoughts, even if you're a young person. There's nothing normal about being constantly sad or angry or just numb to the point where you would rather end your life than go on feeling like that. There are a lot of people who say......   reply
15 03,2017 01:41
10 01,2017 07:15
I've been thinking about that since I was 11 ^^ Basically, I'm bored, and I kinda think living is a pain in the ass... Well, I'm still alive, because I manage to cope by reading manga. My family joke about how manga is my life, but I never told them it was litteral... Or else I'd have been dead for 9 years now. Fun fact is, I never even thought of ......   reply
10 01,2017 07:15
17 02,2017 23:00
I have bipolair disease, i was diagnosed with it when i was 25. Live was very hard for me when i was younger. I had tantrums without knowing why. When i was 18 i tried to kill myself, when my mom Came to visit me she said: i knew this was going to happen one day. Having this makes me very tierd. Because where "normal" People have good and bad days,......   reply
17 02,2017 23:00
Ageha desu 15 03,2017 16:40
my depression got me so fucked up.. like.. what's the point of living..? what else is there to see? what else is there that's left for me..? my husband cheated on me, i'm broke.. i don't know what to do with my life.. what do i really want.. all i have is my uncertainties.. insecurities.. together with my perverted thoughts.. will tomorrow get bet......   2 reply
15 03,2017 16:40

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