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Godly Bells. I still like it even now. I don't really like webtoons, I personally find them overrated. Maybe because they leave almost nothing to imagination (one of the reasons I rarely watch anime) . But I admit there are good ones. I only like Tower of God and already mentioned Godly Bells though. For now at the least.   reply
19 02,2017 12:29
21 01,2017 21:27
Noblesse on webtoon, gosh Rai and Frankie makes me happy xD   reply
21 01,2017 21:27
Nice I like Lookism too and have u tried God of High Sshool or Girls of the Wild?   1 reply
11 01,2017 03:04
I can't really remember my first one, but What Lies at the End, A Man Like You, Moritat, Royal Servant, Blood Bank, Never Understand, and Killing Stalking are definitely my faves~   1 reply
11 01,2017 18:34
Arghh.. I forgot that 19 days was Chinese!! But 19 days was my first webtoon.. So let me correct myself!!! My first Korean webtoon would be Killing Stalking... I was the one who started the question but didn't notice this error.. Gomen gomen.. ⁄(⁄ ⁄·⁄ω⁄·⁄ ⁄)⁄   reply
11 01,2017 22:50
Mine was either Noblesse or Tower of God, two of the many loves of my life (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ   reply
17 01,2017 14:29
31 01,2017 07:42
I think it was Tower of God. I binged on it up to the point when I had to wait for updates but I eventually fell out of waiting. Now that I think of it, maybe I should reread it.   1 reply
31 01,2017 07:42
31 01,2017 08:52
Hmmm mine was 'The Gamer' but right now I'm really loving '19 Days', even though its not korean, and 'Blood Bank' as well as a whole bunch of other korean webtoon now =D   1 reply
31 01,2017 08:52
trash 21 01,2017 07:00
I think my first was 19 Days too. Currently reading Blood Bank and Killing Stalking. I'm trying to find more at the moment.   reply
21 01,2017 07:00
21 01,2017 07:30
My first yaoi webtoon is by western artists (I think), Starfighter. Currently following Tamen de Gushi, Blood Bank, Royal Servant, Raising a Bat, 19 Days (the update is so sloowww). I recommend Never Understand too, a completed webtoon. Also, Behind the Obsidian Mirror (slow updates but the story and art is awesome).   reply
21 01,2017 07:30
I was also gonna say 19 Days but wasn't that one Chinese? Never mind, who cares as long as we love it ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ So my first manhwa/webtoon was Raising A Bat. After that I read Blood Bank, then Royal Servant, then Killing Stalking and the last one I have read (for now) is The Baker On The First Floor. I didn't know manhwas were this good! C......   1 reply
21 01,2017 18:42
21 01,2017 21:00
Killing stalking annnd Blood Bank ~ My smol beansヾ(☆▽☆)   reply
21 01,2017 21:00
21 01,2017 21:25
My first was raising a bat! One of the best shounen-ai / yaoi I ever red! ヾ(☆▽☆)   reply
21 01,2017 21:25
Dice... I was hooked after the first episode. I found myself walking into a downward abysmal spiral leading to webtoons.   reply
21 01,2017 23:24
Blood bank ヾ(☆▽☆)   1 reply
22 01,2017 16:29
22 01,2017 17:23
My first time was Lookism or Noblesse i think. I read it on line webtoon~ i liked how different korean comic drawing style with japanesse manga that i used to read, and it so refreshing└(^o^)┘ and the BL one is 19 Days. but not sure, cuz it wasn't korean, well the korean one is Raising A Bat, and after that i've read so many BL webtoon. Ahaha.......   reply
22 01,2017 17:23
Wiyomi 11 01,2017 04:12
my first was "Royal Servant" two months ago. Currently Royal Servant, Moritat & What lies in the end are my top 3 :D   reply
11 01,2017 04:12
My first Korean webtoon was Lookism around the beginning of 2016, then I started looking more into Korean webtoons and found out there are so many out there, I got the webtoon app and started reading a ton. I'm so hooked on Korean webtoons now, my favorites are; Lookism, Never Understand, Killing Stalking, Bastard, Annarasumanara, and Smile Brush .......   reply
11 01,2017 04:52
ren 11 01,2017 18:08
My first was Annarasumanara. I loved the story and the art. Still a favorite to this day. Other favorites I have would be Noblesse, What Lies at the end, A man like you, Killing Stalking, Bastard, Unlucky Mansion, That house where I live with you, Raising a bat, and Revival Man.   reply
11 01,2017 18:08
11 01,2017 19:16
My first was 'Noblesse' I think, can't remember for sure. Just remember instantly falling in love; been hooked ever since!   reply
11 01,2017 19:16

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