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I am asexual and aromantic, so I can tell you you don't need to fall in love to know your sexual orientation... I understood it when I realized I wasn't interested romantically in other people (rather, it was some kind of possessive friendship, probably due to my lack of friends - I had around 10 at that time), and I didn't want to have sex either......   4 reply
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Nope, cuz when I'm dead I won't have be caring about anything anymore. I don't believe in any kind of afterlife, so there won't be anything like "I regret (not) doing something when I was alive" ^^ I am more afraid of other people dying, to be honest.   1 reply
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I don't believe in any god and I don't care if others do as long as they don't ask me to! I think all my hopes of religion were lost when I learnt that Santa doesn't exist (and the Tooth Fairy too, I was a polytheist lol) Any religion is fine with me (I do have an affinity with the Flying Spaghetti Monster tho), and it's usually rather interesting ......   1 reply
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Hi friends! 20 y.o., aromantic and asexual :) Still reads yaoi, yuri and hentai though. I am a woman (judging by the genitals) but I feel neither like a woman nor like a man, I guess? More like 1% woman and 0% man? (dunno for the last 99% XD ) BTW people also find it weird that I read that kind of stuff ;)   reply
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Good luck for your work ;) 1. It feels empty. Like, everything is exactly the same, but there's something missing. And you just can't seem to realize you won't be seeing them anymore. Then you start regretting not spending time together, not talking more... And your chest litterally hurts (as if it were crushed by something really heavy), you cry,......   1 reply
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20 and virgin. I am asexual and aromantic. I had an oportunity to try (one of my friends wanted to have sex with me), hesitated, but chose not to. And I think it was the right choice ;) Honestly I am not comfortable with physical interactions, even with my friends, and I hate doing something "for the sake of trying" so I probably will remain a virg......   1 reply
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I actually started with a seinen containing hentai parts... I had known about yaoi for quite a long time and started by reading some over my sister's shoulder. I realized it felt exactly the same as with hentai, was pretty shocked to see that after multiple hours of reading I had finally got a tiiiiiny reaction down there, decided I didn't give a s......   reply
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about nicknames
One of my friend calls me Umariannu when we're texting or chatting. It's a mix between my name and Umaruu... Cuz I'm basically a nolife otaku with good grades. Basically everyone understands who they're talking about when they use Fantomeducouloir (almost every forum or website) or Hallghost (written on the Uni's sweatshirt's back), but these nickn......   reply
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Happy new year to you too! :D Yaoi (manga) 9 Because I don't like every yaoi manga ^^ Yaoi (pairing) 10 IRL and fictionnal ;) Although I don't ship Yuri (manga) 7 I don't find it as thrilling/intersesting as yaoi manga... maybe I just didn't find the right one yet Yuri (pairing) 10 Again, I don't ship but I'm totally ok with both IRL and fictionn......   reply
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Make a fuckin remake of Kimi No Na Wa.!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ Nah seriously tho: see what it's like to have a boner, then trow out all of my bras, and buy some "more adaptated" underwear and male jeans. I could still wear most of my other clothes. Take my shirt off and go run outside (I'm flat so it wouldnt change anything in the feeling but w......   reply
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My sister and I both read yaoi and sometimes hentai (but I also read yuri ;9 ). My mom found out because my idiot of a sister leaves all her stuff bookmarked everywhere in our house... Mom went to see me and she was like, "so basically your sex ed is done, right?" and I was like, "well, that one was pretty soft..." God, her face was hilarious XD An......   2 reply
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(In the living room sitting next to my sis) *OMG she's reading yaoi* *OMG she's reading yaoi in the same room as me and I can see the screen* *OMG did the temperature go higher* *OMG hurry up finishing I need the PC and an isolated room* (actually I don't cuz I don't get that much of a physical reaction ;9 I avoid reading it when someone sits nex......   reply
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I think the 18+ thing is more like a warning than an interdiction. It helps you know what will be in the thing you're starting to watch/read/play, but in the end it depends on your mentality. I started reading hentai stuff when I was 14, but I didn't start Berserk before I was 15 because I didn't feel "ready". So in the end I think it's a pretty go......   1 reply
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I had more than one... The first was when I was 7... Okay so I was a real pain in the ass at that time, let's be fair, but that was mostly because the teacher was always screaming, stressing us (one of my friends, I discovered that later, was sick to the point of throwing up at the thought of spending a day with the teacher). It all started with a......   reply
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My first manga series was One Piece (but I caught up on Naruto before I did on One Piece - Took 1 week for Naruto's 35 released volumes and 2 weeks for One Piece's 41 released volumes) My first anime series... Well, that'd be Captain Tsubasa but at the time I didn't get at all what they were saying and I didn't care one bit about what was happening......   reply
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Let's see... Every relationship where the uke and seme don't act as equals (rape, when the uke's in debt with the seme, incestuous relationships, too much of an age gap...), shota and bara, and sex over plot (not that plot... I know you thought about it :9 ) I read yaoi mostly for the story (I swear) so if there is none I'll drop it. Oh, good art i......   reply
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Exactly the same as I am now!!! The ace friend who watches over them and finds all that very funny XD   4 reply
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I've been thinking about that since I was 11 ^^ Basically, I'm bored, and I kinda think living is a pain in the ass... Well, I'm still alive, because I manage to cope by reading manga. My family joke about how manga is my life, but I never told them it was litteral... Or else I'd have been dead for 9 years now. Fun fact is, I never even thought of ......   reply
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The sex scene in itself doesn't excite me (at all). But if there's some kind of build-up, a tension and feelings between the characters then yes, after ~5 hours of reading I do get a little excited ^^ But I have never felt like masturbating (porn or not) Basically it has the same effect on me than reading an epic fight in a Berserk-like manga, so i......   reply
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Right now I'm planning to stay in France ^^ But I'm the kind of person that just goes where they see a light, so I might end up in any country XD I wouldn't want to live in a country where religion is really important though (whatever religion it is), or in a country where the army has a decision on law. Although that last point tends to become ra......   reply
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