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mitsu sway
5 minutes ago
Harems- when its 1 guy, a cute girl, and angry tsundere, and another girl no one cares about reallt   reply
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7 minutes ago
like a lot of people said: incest (even if they're not linke by blood), rape and shota. That being said, if the story revolves around a heavy and psychological plot with tragic elements such as the ones cited above, and the incest/rape/shota part is written in a way that serves the actual story without being used as just a "trope" and in a romantic......   reply
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1.Well in one hardcore music festival I got so drunk that I fucked some random guy in see through tent.. 2.Passed out in full bar.. 3.I kissed my friends boyfriend (OFC I was drunk again) Sooo..perhaps I should stop drinking ((:   reply
15 minutes ago
Clueless uke and Opportunist seme, lol. The last one really fits me.   reply
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55 minutes ago
shota, rape, and incest are the things i dislike so much but i can still tolerate if it's kinda like "important" to the story (for ex; nii-san by harada or some of ogawa chise's works). but if doesn't affect the plot that much, i would prefer to leave the story alone (like some shota rape that have rape just to make it "dark"). another thing i disl......   reply
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1 hours ago
I can deal with a lot of things but for some reason I hate omegaverse, I always feel so bad for the omega and hate the alphas for being so creepy and rapey   reply
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i'm a capri too(╯°Д °)╯╧╧ i..... will take meds regularly.....? this is not something that i can actually imagine lol   reply
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why only one (/TДT)/ maybe warui series then? since it has more pairings.... for manhwa it would be blood bank because   1 reply
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ecchi in a straight manga- ecchi is just no for me despite reading some but not a lot meacha- hate it slice of life- boring as hell shoujo romance- boring again unconcerned you-know-what- it's disbursing try to avoid it but cus of the plot bara- disbursing as hell one shots- too short ╥﹏╥ harem- (unless yaoi(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ)   reply
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Yoru from Yoru to asa no uta, Saya from neon sign amber, Shirotani from ten count, Aoba, Noiz and Clear.   reply
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Is Akashi Seijuurou counted? He's not from yaoi world though. But I'm sure he fucks like a beast.   2 reply
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HELLO!..HI!..HELLO!!!..I'm can all call me Ash..(*I wanna be,the very best,like no one ever was!)..OK I'LL STOP.. So anyway, I'm female...but sometimes I got jealous of other girls, they have this features that I don't have and ended up *wait,why am l staring at other girls?* and end up over reacting and confusing the hell out of me!! H......   reply
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I'm cancer so I'm omega. TBH, since reading a series of omegaverse mangas, I am secretly wanting to be omega so I'D CHALLENGE THE MTHRFCKING STEREOTYPE and became an omega seme. I'll probably do a very careful thought about preventing any heat-related accidents since I'm OCD like that.   reply
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I have 20 years,but I never fall in love....shoul I believe in that?No when it comes about me...but seems like some people can   reply
3 hours ago
I don't like it too. Since I'm top (IRL) I usually empathize with the seme and the double standards angers me. I sometimes wanted to scream unfair to the posters who even glorify the uke and treats like he's some kind of badass and crucify the seme when he is the one do did the same thing. Like, WTF.   1 reply
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Don't worry. I can relate to the problems that you're dealing with. I often have difficulty expressing my thoughts vocally and I am very publicly self-conscious, due to my introverted nature and difficulty in communicating my exact thoughts from my brain to my mouth. There may be a pinch of social anxiety, but I don't think your problem is anythin......   reply
4 hours ago
1) Uke 2) Light Yagami (lmao) 3) "d-don't touch [there]..." 4) Yurio (i would have expected Yuuri lol) 5) The one who got rejected 6) Yuri squad (where my grills @) 7) Moaning/whimpering ftw 8) Taurus/Cancer/Pisces 9) Third overall amusing, but i gotta say, kinda inaccurate (personally lol)   reply
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did read 1000 manga or more

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