#LEAVEUSALONE pt.4 JUST FUCKING LEAVE US ALONE. We just want to live silently as normal human beings
#LEAVEUSALONE pt.3 who don't know you, even if you know them (by stalking) or not
#LEAVEUSALONE pt.2 Unless you are a personal friend, IT'S A NO-NO to randomly approach a gay person
#LEAVEUSALONE pt.1 i hope fujoshis who planned on doing this to gay guys JUST. STOP. DON'T.
you don't need a price in order to live
people are not tools. gambatte, nii-san.
love advice from ossan to an insecure young man
I just love it when characters quote books (non-existent or they do)
read between the lines.
drawing. can relate
like this guy can't decide his college major.. but still enroll in college anyway
stop taking everything to yourself pt. 2
stop taking everything to yourself pt. 1
because you were able to live on... think of living ^_^
mangaka. inspiration
this whole chapter kato experienced setback and has a hard time dealing with it. finally, he snapped
landed and bullseye.
inspirational lines
relatable scenes
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  1. pink popsicle
    March 4, 2016 11:23 am

    oh wow....
    so glad i found this album
    and thanks for making it ^_^

    • takame
      March 4, 2016 1:35 pm

      welcome. i'm glad to know that someone would get encouraged by this album or something.