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2015-02-11 14:47
In my top ten!
2015-07-28 02:24
I never knew I loved my phone this much....
2016-04-01 05:56
The manga was meh pretty much all across the board. The art was lack-luster and uninspired and, although, I liked the slice-of-life feel to the manga, the story wasn't too interesting to begin with. It felt really gimmicky and played really heavily to its target demographic. It was by no means horrible, but I probably won't give this manga a second-glance.
2017-01-20 08:58
Please make more of this manga, Please!!!
2017-02-28 05:44
090 - Eko to Issho
Asakura Maru 2005 released.
Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-fi / Shounen
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