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2014-10-11 20:23
Ch 3
2015-10-18 21:01
I had such high hopes for this as a romance manga and it just....man...
2016-02-23 04:05
I've always loved Kaori Yuki's work, well, her art at least. She's one of the main reasons I started drawing in the first place. While it's clear she always does a ton of research, her writing still isn't what I'd consider optimal. Her art, however, is some of the best in the entire manga world, so gorgeous. It's always interesting reading some of her early work, and it's definitely worth a read, if only for the art.
0 No Soukoushi
Yuki Kaori 2006 released.
Drama / Mystery / Shoujo
0の奏香師; 0之奏香师; 0的奏香师; Parfum Extrait "0"; Perfume Master; Zero no Soukoushi
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