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2016-12-12 02:55
2016-12-12 01:26
aghhhh im so happy that this finally came on mangago
2016-12-12 03:35
I've read up through Chapter 8 on Lezhim and my god... One of the most thrilling stories I've ever read.
2016-12-12 05:05
Warning :: It's Gruesome Psychological Thriller Horror.
═ [Spoilers] ═ Just in case, anyone want rough idea of the plot..
Yoonbum's obsessed with a popular Sangwoo till he became a stalker, trespassed into his house. But Sangwoo who's empathetic, considerate & gentle turned out to be a psychosis criminal; kidnaps, detains & tortures victims till death. He also killed his own parents 3 years ago.
W/o knowing, the 'Crazy in Love' Yoonbum just jumped into the psychosis criminal's hands.

2016-12-12 08:33
'Stalker' theme with an unexpected (?) twist. Well, I'm not really sure how the story will develop, but these two seriously take insanity to a whole new level...
2017-01-13 16:34
For Ch. 14 and 14.5: The worst translation ever :(
2016-12-13 02:08
2016-12-18 17:25
Read up to chapter 10 in Lezhin comics and read the raws from ch11-13 and holllllyy shiiiit its so damn good. It's twisted in every level definetly not your typical lovey dovey cliche shit. It really goes down hardcore. Every chapter makes you yearn for more Just love it too much!!!
2016-12-20 10:12
i fucking love this shit a stalker in love with a fucking killer whats not to love about this shit
2016-12-22 03:34
-Read up to 12

This is so fucking good tbh. Like it's twisted as all hell to the point it could pass off as one of Harada's mangas. But it's like watching a train wreck, you just can't look away. I'm so glad that this is finally on here and I don't have to spend money to read the updates orz Being broke sucks
2017-02-15 04:44
I ship Sangwoo with prison and Bum with freedom and therapy.
2016-12-30 16:32
Holy FUCK. My heart beats so fast when I read this. The fear feels incredibly realistic. Extremely well done. I'm really interested in this manga. Right now, I don't see any romance really happening.. as we're not too sure yet about whether there's any way Sangwo will be able become a normal person again, or perhaps come to actually love and care for Bum. For now, we're focusing on Bum escaping. This thriller manga is extremely well paced, and it's terrifying. After reading this, I really need to read fluff... But god, I can't wait for more.
2016-12-18 07:43
2016-12-12 07:39
I love it. My thriller-dream come true.
2016-12-13 07:17
Holy shit, this is so dark. Please continue to feed my twisted ways
2016-12-13 17:08
im actually quite intrigued by the story line, it's not your usual cliche manhwa rather, it's something really thrilling, i love it
2016-12-16 17:14
12/10 really good, fuck look this plot! You won't find anything like this!
2016-12-24 20:16
There is no sanity. There is only killing or stalking. And a nerve-wracking story.
2017-05-02 13:25
so yeah she's obviously gonna be dead in like probably the next chapter or so. and it might be sangwoo killing her (like no shit) but i would find it even more interesting if like yoonbum did it out of jealousy or maybe even helped sangwoo. like they both be cray-cray together <3 -u-
buuuuutttttt. LIKE REALLY. i don't need to see sangwoo fucking another girl D: like i've been waiting for yoonbum to get fucked and he only gets as far as to suck him off D:< but. let's see. i hope the next few chapters excite me like how sangwoo jr. gets excited about tormenting/killing someone >>
i knew my BumBum gonna be cray-cray with Sangwoo~ </3
and at the end of ch. 19, Sangwoo be like, "i got hard" xD
I was pissed and batching cause the update on my manga app fucked me over with 6 black pages and now I see my Bumie and Sangwoo finally getting it on but it's really just a fuckin dildo cause Bumie can't tell which is real or not. Damn it Sangwoo.
necrophilia.~ </3 (sangwoo love some crazier shit) or probably Bum has to make sure he impresses Sangwoo as he disposes Ji Eun's body... I'm fine with both, but still.. dispose..please.. I'm done being mind fucked. XD
And my instincts were right. Phew. Just Ji Eun disposal. BUT SANGWOO'S EYES THO. HMPH. Glued to Bumie's hips like "Fuck.. those are nice.." I know baby, i know. It's very tempting. But seriously this could go anywhere right now. XD
2017-04-30 11:37
Killing Stalking
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