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2015-03-08 16:47
for me, it took courage for reading this manga
because I hate ghosts and the like
see the ghost of a woman hanged herself scene made me very scared
though in the end so comedy, still I fear that >_<
2014-09-05 07:22
its great for some people but for me it got boring
2014-12-02 09:36
I'm not afraid with gost.. hehehe
2015-02-01 00:53
Cute crybaby medium with sarcastic priest that loves to tease
2015-03-31 08:17
2015-04-01 14:25
Cutee *//////*
2015-11-16 20:17
guy can see ghost but he is scared of them, the only one who can help him is his neighbor who is a priest but he doesn't wanna help him
2015-06-04 19:32
Holy Moly, i thought it was a sad manga plot after reading the title.
2015-06-24 12:37
2016-01-02 03:20
omg that was really funny
2016-01-30 11:22
Was a very Shounen Ai read. Had one super glossed over smut scene.
2016-02-27 15:15
Funny story of a poor scardey guy who tears up when ghosts are near. Always getting teased by the childhood friend, a monk's son.
fake shota. (they're classmate tho)
2016-01-27 03:33
2016-03-14 16:46
Weak start but cute finish.
2016-10-11 19:47
(Childhood Friends)

High school student Fumiya is such a scaredy-cat who possesses the ability to see things normal people can't such as ghosts and spirits when they appear tears stream from his eyes. Each time Fumiya sees one, he turns to his childhood friend the tall handsome and popular Shogo, the son of a temple priest, for help though Shogo teases and makes fun Fumiya. At school Shogo is quite popular with the girls telling them stories about me laughing at Fumiya... Will Shogo ever change
2016-04-27 12:42
2016-05-08 14:57
Could read about their adventures for volumes! So cute and cheecky
2016-06-29 07:33
i like it! it's not that scary like the usual ghost stories. the romance on the right spot, so i guess that's fine :p
2016-07-15 19:08
ver bookmarks
2016-12-28 20:38
Soooo cute <3<3
Tsureteke Tengoku
Yamato Nase 2000 released.
Comedy / School Life / Supernatural / Yaoi
連れてけ天国,Take Me to Heaven
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