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Title Update Recommend
Manhwa .•✿✿•. Manhua(151)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-07-25 17
৲( ᵒ ૩ᵕ )৴♡*৹ Actual Gay Dudes in a Yaoi Manga(120)
L a c r i m o s a created
2017-06-23 28
BL (10 chapters+)(200)
Merry created
2017-07-14 16
Fantasy Supernatural Sci-fi(150)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-07-17 10
°₊·ˈ∗♡( ˃ ‧ ˂ )♡∗ˈ‧₊° Addictive Stories(57)
L a c r i m o s a created
2017-06-05 7
legit good yaoi(103)
orangevoldemort created
2017-07-21 3
Fantasy/Supernatural/Sci-Fi BL(133)
Akari created
2017-05-11 5
School Life Yaoi(135)
Mystari created
Yaoi School Life Student/Student Teacher/Student
2017-05-22 0
Fluff BL , yaoi shounen ai and all the stuff(200)
Ren lie created
2017-06-14 0
Reunited and it feels so good~ (BL)(141)
valdamort created
2017-07-06 2
BL / Yaoi Webtoons(46)
thefaultinmyfart created
Webtoons yaoi bl webtoon shounen ai
2017-07-12 4
⋆⭐Bitches Be Crazay⭐⋆ created
2017-07-05 2
Must read yaoi(86)
Iunia created
yaoi bl boys love romance boyxboy
2017-05-08 2
uke gets hurt/sick (140)
marv created
sick uke hurt uke
2017-04-09 3
⚣_Holic created
2017-07-25 3
Favorite Yaoi / BL(114)
Mystari created
Yaoi Favorite Must Read Best
2017-05-22 0
Manga I wanna keep reading(87)
Kimchiara created
2017-07-27 0
manhwa BL(97)
noelle created
2017-07-24 3
✲´*。 ℬℓ mαηhωαš 。*´✲(150)
Anachan created
BL Manhwa
2017-07-24 0
Out of This World~ (Supernatural and Sci-fi)(56)
RedTopaz created
sci-fi supernatural fantasy magic yaoi
2017-04-30 0

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