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Title Update Recommend
Ƭwisted βeyond Яepair ℋeart ௰reckers (200)
⚣_Holic created
twisted messed up psychological tragic dark
2017-04-05 37
(⊙︿⊙✿) Messed Up Shit(95)
L a c r i m o s a created
2017-04-23 47
Manhwa .•✿✿•. Manhua(125)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-04-25 12
---✦╣ A D D I C T E D ╠✦---(196)
⚣_Holic created
2017-04-23 4
BITE me(166)
⚣_Holic created
Biting Fetish
2017-04-23 7
Stalker (Yaoi)(49)
XxGintamaxX created
Yaoi Uke Seme Stalker
2017-02-04 11
legit good yaoi(96)
orangevoldemort created
2017-04-23 1
Hard - BDSM Favs !(154)
Torian created
2017-04-20 2
Rape//Way too smut//BDSM//Toys//Threesome//Foursome//Gangbang(125)
Vash created
2017-04-24 1
Reunited and it feels so good~ (BL)(135)
valdamort created
2016-12-12 2
uke gets hurt/sick (140)
marv created
sick uke hurt uke
2017-04-09 2
Yaoi at its best: hot & steamy, romantic & funny, dramatic & heartbreaking(89)
Namida713 created
yaoi romance mature adorable sexy
2017-04-17 1
⋆⭐Bitches Be Crazay⭐⋆ created
2017-04-25 2
Break the Insanity Meter!(49)
RedTopaz created
yaoi mindfuck crazy
2017-04-23 0
Manga I wanna keep reading(71)
Kimchiara created
2017-04-18 0
manhwa BL(86)
noelle created
2017-04-20 3
BL / Yaoi Webtoons(34)
thefaultinmyfart created
Webtoons yaoi bl webtoon shounen ai
2017-03-12 2
~Damaged Ukes~(23)
xXxRogueYaoiGirlxXX created
Abuse Rape Bullying Hurt uke sad uke
2017-04-25 0
1000+ Votes (BL Manga/Djs)(200)
BloodLust (BL) created
2017-01-18 3
YonedaKou's belonging created
BL Best BL Amazing arts Amazing stories Best of the best
2017-04-07 0

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