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Title Update Recommend
Yaoi 9.0 (Yaoi mangas with a 9.0 rating or higher)(163)
[DELETED] created
2016-01-29 85
Topnotch «✿[]✿» Seme(186)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-10-08 30
Smoking H◉T!! (199)
⚣_Holic created
UNCENSORED Nosebleed Yaoi Smut
2017-10-20 46
«✿|[ MASTERPIECE ]|✿»(176)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-09-27 43
H✪T as Hell ((•..•)) Smexy(110)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-10-01 32
Animal Transf.✿╫• Characteristic(154)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-09-21 39
Marry «ƸӜƷƸӜƷ» Elope(176)
KyoZaNa✿ created
2017-10-08 33
M A S T E R P I E C E (200)
⚣_Holic created
Masterpiece Must read Yaoi Shounen ai
2017-09-27 21
#Yaoi As It Should Be Fuckers(179)
Zoey Zoey Zoey created
2017-09-19 24
Hardcore/Explicit Yaoi(200)
Eccentricstate created
Uncensored Nice ass shots Kinky Toys Sexy cosplay
2017-08-22 4
Smutty Erotica works BL(106)
takame created
BL smut
2017-10-03 4
Animal Transformation/Characteristics List(79)
Kathy created
2017-09-21 22
Bully seme(112)
KikiBee created
2017-08-28 11
runicclover created
2017-10-03 8
My Fluff List(172)
Kathy created
2017-10-19 10
Best Short Series Yaoi(138)
RedLips created
2016-12-23 1
+9.0☆ BL Manga/Djs(199)
BloodLust (BL) created
2017-01-02 8
Older Seme Younger Uke List(63)
Kathy created
2017-09-19 11
Yaoi - Were/Shapeshifters/Animal Humanoids(46)
Tavi created
2017-07-27 15
My favorite, Yaoi, rape, master x servant, childhood friend, romance, smut, drama, school life, possessive lover, aduse(200)
Allycat created
2015-01-14 7

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