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We got the same birthday
Kyaa!!! I'm really proud of them as cosplayers. hahaha
They have the knack of it! Way to go otaku!
This guy..
Cosplay!!!! Banzai!!!
Especially if someone cosplay perfectly like these three!!! >V<
On occasion she gets a look in her eye, wonder if something happened in her past
Oh you sweet, sweet lamb. . . You just walked into you slaughter. LOL!
husband's reaction to wife in an apron welcoming him home XD
lol never saw the chick before, b/w her face and finger ;)
Let us... sleep
He locked the door
It's from sensei's other story!!! Kyyaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
so cool!!! they fit eachother perfectly!!! XD
Possessive, and she's completely clueless
this manga is funny as I don't know what
Kuze's face when Fuyuki was kidnapped..

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Keishichou Tokuhanka 007
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Kaji Eiri 2007 released.
Action / Comedy / Mystery / Romance / Shoujo / Supernatural
警視庁特犯課007; 警视厅特犯课007; Shichou Tokoka 007
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