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Really, Yoonbum? You're here in public, now's your chance, and you're worried if Sangwoo is ok? smh
haha they're weren't doing the dirty xD THis situation is still messed up tho(Probs still gona read)
I know right he like a murder and like!
hhhahahaahahhaah im funny
I hope someday I can read a gay korean manwha without violence, rape, kidnappings, death, etc
I CAN'T. EVERY PANEL IS SO SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL. God it's just a kiss, I need to calm down
hell yeah. yoom bum has the same idea as me. i need the ocean to quench this thirst
Killing me softly Ahhh çok severdim halbuki
I just want them to be a normal couple. They're so cute together but so messed up.
Why...he's a freaking psycho, but some of his expressions are cute anyway.......
Okay, this is just so... I seriously had a nosebleed damn. It's just so SEXY!
these are pictures that i think are cute or i would like to draw
I think I've been looking at this once a day for over two weeks
I don't get how he could say no. I mean... LOOK AT THAT BOOTY
Le killer is blushing? My dreams are coming true
He's a freaking psycho but that looks cute...!
god damnit stop being sexy you psychopath >:O
Learned helplessness. That's the reason.
asshole...haha its Valentine's day today

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Killing Stalking
Ongoing    RSS
Koogi 2016 released.
Drama / Horror / Mature / Psychological / Yaoi
キリング・ストーキング; 킬링 스토킹
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