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Oh rai... Eating unmade ramen isn't good you know, but who cares... Lacks flavor, still ramen.
That spotlight scene though.... >.< I bet he's gonna enter a depression later because of this.
OH MY GOD HE'S BEING CUTE AGAIN. Well, anyone would be fascinated by sliding doors......
those 2 are surprise of Rai"s elegance and they keep making him look cooler and cooler
hhahaahaha shinwoo has this all wrong but it is too funny plus he is crying hahahaha
LOL, oh my god, he didn't even know what a "date" was and his reaction is great! XD
This is entertaining.... Watching old fashioned people in the 21st century....
M-math.... The shit subject, don't worry rai there's nothing wrong with you...
Too fucking adorable, I love that he's so unfamiliar with all this stuff >w<
I get the feeling of a father giving his daughter (Rai) away at this moment.
Now I see why rai doesn't ask about the past.... Ahh.. He keeps talking....
*quietly laughs at takeos failure* and seira's way of seeing the boys~~!
Pfft... Yeah idk why I dropped this manhwa, I'll keep with it this time.
...... No matter how many times I see this troupe it never gets old...
Oh please. Don't be bitchin when you get your ass kicked by a women.
I agree translator, that crash was very inelegant.... How pitiful.
??? what happen to shinwoo hair hmm I guess it looks good with him
wow this is cute how get a normal life a while until trouble comes

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Noblesse Manhwa
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Son Jae Ho 2008 released.
Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Mystery / School Life / Sci-fi / Shounen / Supernatural
노블레스 (Korean); નોંબ્લેસ; नोब्लेस (Hindi); النبلاء (Arabic); Adelskap (Swedish); Дворянство (Russian); Nemesség (hungarian); Szlachectwo (Polish); Nobleţe (Romanian); Nobleza (español); האצילות (Hebrew); Kilmingieji (Lithuanian); Благородство (Bulgarian); Nobreza (Portuguese); Noblesse (French); Adel (German); maharlika(filipino); 貴人 (Japanese); Asiller (Turkish); Adel (Norwegian); نجیب زاده (Perian); ; উচ্চ মর্যাদার দায়িত্ব (Bengali); Племенитост(Serbian); Golongan Bangsawan (Malay)
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