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My very first crush was Shirogane from the Anime Tokyo Mew Mew, lmao... And to think I was probably still 8/9 y.o..... My current crush... I can't think of a name now... Hmm... (▰˘◡˘▰) Probably Ling Yao from Fullmetal Alchemist..(?) He was such a cool guy at the end of the story. Oh, And Geun Soo from the manhwa Can't See Can't Hear But......   reply
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Well I'm really interested to see girls through their eyes... I wanna buy snacks with the money supposedly used to buy pads for each month... I want not to make up my bed, let everything be just the way they are and have people thinking that it's pretty normal since I'm a boy... To be absolutely honest I don't feel like doing anything most fujoshi ......   reply
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Why hello there~ People usually just call me El. I'm a 16 y.o girl living in Indonesia. My favourite genres are Psychological, Adventure, and Horror. I read yaoi/Shounenai sometimes too (it's pretty inevitable here lol) You're welcome and thanks for asking   reply
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1. Uke 2. Naruto Uzumaki -_- 3. No lube... 4. Victor... 5. The "I'm not gay" but failed 6. Yaoi squad... 7. Back scratching and grabbing.... 8. Leo, Libra, Sagittarius.... 9. 10...   2 reply
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People are doing

did confess to your crush

in the end i was rejected but still i have this stupid feelings for him :(

4 hours ago
want to do first kiss

im still young so I don't mind but when the time comes I'll probably be blushing

5 hours ago
want to do confess to your crush

while he was there i ran away from him and now i regret it cuz i know i can never meet him again.

5 hours ago