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Hell yesss! Nowadays it doesnt feel right if i dont have a regular dose of hardcore uncensored yaoi tbh i really appreciate when dicks and butts arent just lighsabers and white light flashes lol
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How the hell did i miss chapter 0 for so long!! Am i blind or what *^*

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Yaoi containing some form of pee kink (urophilia).

I thought this would be a fun little novelty list. I didn't expect it to turn into such a monster.

Strictly clothed wetting can be found here:

Urethral play without urination can be found here:

If you know of any pee-related or urethral play stories you don't see here, please let me know.

If you find this list helpful, please consider recommending it
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I wish the contents page had furigana so i could at least check the other mangas if they're part of this book

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Haru and alfred's scene had me rolling in laughter xD
I want miller to have a story too!! I can already see him being a power queen uke *q*

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I actually avoid this mangaka's war stories like the plague because i thought they looked serious and dramatic, but wow who'd have thought I'd be in hysterics ant 4am lol i think i read one serious scene before and it stuck

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I prayed that i pass first semester and promised to work my ass off in sem 2 if i did... i managed to barely pass yet here i am wasting 2 whole days (and probably tomorrow too) reading yaoi and playing games, sighs. When will i get my priorities straght
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A sexy ass alluring uke who knows how to rile up their man in bed and a possessive dominating seme like kuon and nanao, hot damn i love that couple Also oyaji ukes with teasing younger semes, like most of bohra's couples, she is queen
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Definitely dialects. Nothing explicit i know lol. Like just hearing osakaben and the likes.. god that really gets me. I actually quite surprised myself when suddenly one day i started intensely noticing the different dialects and a character from a manga who seemed boring to me before would just suddenly seem so attractive to me before i would fin......
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Honestly I usually feel something with these rape settings -rage, disgust, sudden revelation lol, etc- but from the very begginin, i did not feel anything... no emotions whatsoever. Its just very lacking, i dont even know where to start...

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I thought it was a jean/erwin/eren dj when i saw the cover lol

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My prayers have been answered (๑•ㅂ•)و✧ now gotta prepare myself for that baby...

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Oh god hahahahhahah the granddaughter part killed me!!!

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Aww i remember reading this when i was a kid!! For some reason i remember it exactly as it is but with a creepier feeling! but now its just funny and cute haha i wonder why i thought that way before xD

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I knew i should have waited for more before starting this one... orz

Can the senpai's story be available already, idc if its just raws i really wanna see it

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Cries that was beautiful

/secretly cries about no village sex as well