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17 08,2017 11:51
I'd say i am in between a casual and a hardcore gamer...depends if I'm on holiday or studying/working. I'm doing neither atm so I'm probably gonna get back into it quite a lot now (just got myself a new keyboard actually lol). Cant list them all but the last console game I played was pokemon x (i know its been so long and I'm still trying to finish......   reply
17 08,2017 11:51
I prayed that i pass first semester and promised to work my ass off in sem 2 if i did... i managed to barely pass yet here i am wasting 2 whole days (and probably tomorrow too) reading yaoi and playing games, sighs. When will i get my priorities straght   1 reply
18 01,2017 02:51
24 03,2016 20:45
I come here to read filthy gay smut even on deadline week and then cry a ton at my life choices the night before deadline day ┗( T﹏T )┛   10 reply
24 03,2016 20:45

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29 07,2017 13:35
Mostly bc i have very low pain threshold so having my first time scares me... i often break it off with guys before it gets to that point so I've never been in a long relationship either. also bc i feel embarrassed that I'm not experienced in that stuff even though I'm almost 24 now so maybe the guy would feel bad too? Which is funny bc no one know......   reply
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Hell yesss! Nowadays it doesnt feel right if i dont have a regular dose of hardcore uncensored yaoi tbh i really appreciate when dicks and butts arent just lighsabers and white light flashes lol   1 reply
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A sexy ass alluring uke who knows how to rile up their man in bed and a possessive dominating seme like kuon and nanao, hot damn i love that couple Also oyaji ukes with teasing younger semes, like most of bohra's couples, she is queen   reply
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Definitely dialects. Nothing explicit i know lol. Like just hearing osakaben and the likes.. god that really gets me. I actually quite surprised myself when suddenly one day i started intensely noticing the different dialects and a character from a manga who seemed boring to me before would just suddenly seem so attractive to me before i would fin......   1 reply
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Hahahahahhahahhhh sayONARA WORLD I'd probably get disowned and kicked out of the house lol.. my parents are very conservative when it comes to our family but doesnt give two shits about homosexuality outside the family because it doesnt concern them.. lol   1 reply
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want to do travel to a different country

I wanna have my own world adventures and surround myself in food and culture

43 minutes ago
did ship male friends together

They basically married with 2 adopted children in my head.

49 minutes ago
want to do become a mangaka

I suck at drawing, have good ideas that my words can't measure up too but i have a nack for editing storys...so....

51 minutes ago