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stay at home for several days

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first kiss

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Well I'm 13 and I started reading it when I was 12, but I mean I've seen stranger things than yaoi since I watched porn when I was about... 10 or so. I don't know, it was just some really weird phase where I was addicted to porn.. I don't think yaoi is a phase, though, I love it so much! Way more than I enjoyed watching real people "do it".ヾ(☆......   1 reply
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In Canada it's pretty good. I mean, the teachers even have a whole class called "healthy living" at my school and in that class we talk about the LGBT community, and it's always positive talk. We also talk about other stuff in that class, but that's the main topic. At the same time, a lot of people are Catholic and they really like their protests........   reply
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did read 1000 manga or more

I've been using the allmangasreader extension to read manga for years, so I have a record of most what I've read, which is over 2500.

1 hours ago
did read 1000 manga or more

15 years and counting fujoshi. lost count and is trying to find all those forgotten titles but compare to then, I find it hard because job.

3 hours ago
did playing piano

I started to play when I was 8 and years later here I am playing anime op/ed and now learning to play the cello.

1 days ago