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My first crush was probably Sesshomaru (Inuyasha) and then Hibari Kyoya (KHR; I draw a picture of him every year on his birthday). Eventually, I was crushing on Ootori Kyoya (OHSHC); Naru (Ghost Hunt); Imaizumi Shunsuke (Yowamushi Pedal); Haji (Blood+); Saitou Hajime (Hakuoki); Sebastian Michaelis (Black Butler); Koga Shuu (Starmyu); Hades (Kamigam......   reply
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Sagittarius so an omega. Now I'm probaly f*cked (literally and figuratively). Eh, oh well. Can't cry over spilt milk. I'd find a good alpha, marry them, and use their money to make my own company.ヾ(☆▽☆)   reply
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BL is my LIFE. If I go too long without it, i'll get withdrawal symptoms. If my classes were frustrating, a quick oneshot will cheer me up. BL basically is like food to me, I need it and I love it. I don't even want to know what my life would be like without yaoi.   1 reply
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In the past I would go on incognito mode since I live with my parents but I was always closing the window every time my family came in. Because of that I would always forget what story I was reading and what page I was on. Even worse was that I didn't have a account so I basically had no idea what I was doing before. It was really difficult when I ......   1 reply
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I may not be very qualified to answer this question since I'm only almost 15, but I would like to get married and have a family eventually. The problem is if a person can find a suitable partner. I'm not even really sure how you're even supposed start dating in your adult life. I think its okay to dabble a bit in the romance section until you find ......   2 reply
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People are doing

want to do travel to a different country

i wanna go to japan & south korea (obviously) but also parts of england and south america

9 hours ago
did first kiss

i had my first kiss at 12?? with my at the time bf and then/now male best friend. it was kind of awkward but i don't regret it.

9 hours ago
did first kiss

It was very, very awkward. I was reaching for a stapler and he thought I said something and whipped around and our lips touched. Disgusting.

10 hours ago