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My faves are: Starcraft, neverwinter nights, ragnarok, guilty gear, blazblue, okami, KOF (all years), diablo and samurai shodown. I'm a neo geo fan so I play their games alot. I also play anime-based games especially in PS like naruto and one piece. Majority of the games I play are action because I'm mostly influenced by my male friends. My tight ......   reply
03 08,2017 18:56
SO I would be able to track down all those mangas I've read. I find it frustrating to find all of them and even if I find them, 9/10 I'll read the manga because I have long forgotten the plot (T⌣T; )   reply
24 04,2017 13:16
Whenever I came across them I go: * d'aawww, I wish you had a plushie merch * you are my squishy and i'll call you squishy * i want to hug them * i'm so jealous of the masters who got to give them huggles!   2 reply
11 03,2016 18:37

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I do TBH, that try-hard japanese is funny to the point of embarrassing but me and our other friends are used to her. We just tease her or act like we're embarassed of her when she does that in public but nothing serious. We're close so we tell her that it's embarrassing when it gets out of hand. All of us as a group has different subjects we are b......   reply
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27 04,2017 16:14
Definitely S. Always up to challenge. The tougher and taller guy/girl fires me up all the more. But I'm not a super S. I have times where I'm sadomasochistic, being cancer and all but most of the time, I like to be the one who wants to work it. I like it when my hands are busy. I don't like dealing with very sensitive people because I would want ......   2 reply
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25 04,2017 07:06
I'm in my 30s and I watch porn in any form. Het, Bi, gay, bestiality. Unlike the stereotype in mangas, I don't mind if my boyfriend watches porn. I'd even watch it with him lol.   2 reply
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I'm cancer so I'm omega. TBH, since reading a series of omegaverse mangas, I am secretly wanting to be omega so I'D CHALLENGE THE MTHRFCKING STEREOTYPE and became an omega seme. I'll probably do a very careful thought about preventing any heat-related accidents since I'm OCD like that.   reply
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I don't like it too. Since I'm top (IRL) I usually empathize with the seme and the double standards angers me. I sometimes wanted to scream unfair to the posters who even glorify the uke and treats like he's some kind of badass and crucify the seme when he is the one do did the same thing. Like, WTF.   1 reply
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(if any.) 
Due to the unexpected popularity of my college list and from encountering several at the boards I figured that there's a lot of people here that are of college-age. 

Those memorable experience/s might be happy, sad, or sometimes downright embarrassing... up to you to share tho! (≧∀≦) 

If there's some random internet pic that reminds you of those silly college day feel free to post
17 answer 19 03,2016 20:47

People are doing

did first kiss

It was weird, he used his tongue and then our teeth crashed then he pulled his tongue and sticked again and i wanted to laugh

9 minutes ago
did first kiss

It was not that bad. I remember reading people's experience and all of them said it was awkward so I was scared af but he was a good kisser

2 hours ago
want to do get yaoi manga book

Man, my current dream is going to Japan and buy a ton of these cuties.

2 hours ago