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soopermoon August 25, 2017 7:12 am

//jumped ship off the akiharu bc of all the spoilers i just read rip

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soopermoon August 24, 2017 5:58 pm

don't fucking send screencaps of English scans of Ten Count (or ANY MANGA TO THE ORIGINAL MANGAKA) to sensei on twtr and furthermore send messages like "more updates" or "next chapter pls" like wtf could you guys be anymore ignorant shitheads?? Mangakas don't work on endless energy and they get stressed too -- thus they have health issues physically and possibly mentally. People from all over the world sending illegal unpaid scans wouldn't make them feel any better either :( yes i am #triggered the Kuroquis issue was exactly the same but the main scanlator group pulled the scans from all the sites (although someone else re-uploaded them despite both the mangaka and the group's wishes). RESPECT PEOPLE GDI

Also -- I'm glad mysophobic anon team uploaded better scans. Maybe it would have been nice if the other person even tried asking if s/he could take the project but guess that didn't happen. But before people start bitching on who stole what, so many people whine and complain about short chapters and not updating fast enough. So who's... really at fault?

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soopermoon May 7, 2017 6:09 pm

I get the reactions of fans who are scared this site might go away and are angry at the girl, but I also understand the authors from Lehzin, as a creator myself, why they're angry, frustrated, sad, etc. Nothing really is free for them, so us not paying a single cent to read their hard work is probably really jarring for them. I know a lot of people here are young and probably don't understand, but there's not a lot that comes back to the authors once scanlating groups release them for free. Also manga-hosting sites are actually making money off of what mangakas and authors of Lehzin should be making.

Like yeah, I'm sad, yeah, I'm not rich enough to buy all the chapters or books, but at the same time, it's illegal. It's stealing. It's not paying. So I don't think their reaction is rude. The right way is to wait either until one earns enough money to pay for it or until the country one lives in releases it properly in that language. It's almost as if you're saying it's not worth buying and supporting the mangaka or authors of Lehzin because it's being released online. Then what motivation should the authors keep to continue their works?

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  • Anonymous May 7, 2017 6:47 pm

    IKR - these people freaking out are being a little over the top. Save your pennies people and pay for it if it is so vital that you read a bloody manhua.

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