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Maybe it's because I've read a few (a lot) shotacon myself too which is why I thought Boku no pico wasn't that disgusting or as bad as people have said. I guess for starters who have never ventured out into the yaoi realm and only stayed with the typical "high school" "salaryman" yaoi types of stories would find Bnp quite disturbing. To me it's jus......   reply
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uke cheating behind his loved one's back with the seme. vise versa. uke sleeping with another man to get back at seme. vice versa. legit though, i feel so bad just thinking about it because cheating is bad in general but damn it feels good to read about it.   1 reply
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I have never because I knew it wasn't going to last long anyways and I have NO TIME to deal with a guy. I guess I'm more attracted to the idea of dating than actually being in a relationship and dating someone.   1 reply
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Sub all the way. Except DbZ. That is fine in dub.   reply
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I'm pretty dominant. I would like to think of myself as someone who won't let my partner take full control of everything. As for my partner, I would like him to be pretty dominant too. I don't know how A bull and a bull put together in a cage would work out, but one bull is gonna end up bleeding and it'll be me lol don't think of that as physical......   reply
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random question, but do you:
like good like with okay-ish close to almost what you would consider "bad" art 
like good gorgeous art but the worst plot imaginable
I personally prefer good plot with okay-ish what I would consider "bad" art. in the end, feels is till better than appearance
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have you ever wondered out of the line. what i mean is, ever thought that you might be able to like someone of the same sex, and then be confused with yourself and wonder why you were even thinking that, then back out on those thoughts. Basically feel as if it could be possible but at the same time feel like it cant.
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People are doing

want to do first kiss

I don't even know when I had my first kiss haha I've kissed a lot of ppl so I don't remember... Lol

1 days ago
did procrastination

It's the only thing on my to-do list that i actually do

1 days ago
did first kiss

just kissed my crush on the cheeks it's not specific but that is the first time I did it.

2 days ago