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Sub all the way. Except DbZ. That is fine in dub.   reply
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I'm pretty dominant. I would like to think of myself as someone who won't let my partner take full control of everything. As for my partner, I would like him to be pretty dominant too. I don't know how A bull and a bull put together in a cage would work out, but one bull is gonna end up bleeding and it'll be me lol don't think of that as physical......   reply
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Not really. Everyone goes someday. If I die tomorrow, well that's that.   reply
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Ummm...when we're alone, I had a thought that I should grab a kitchen knife, you know the big ones in those horror movies, and stab my older sister in the back multiple times....and watch her bleed.... :> but that's just a thought, I still want to live my life and read yaoi (▰˘◡˘▰)   reply
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Rape. A complicated plot with A LOT of problems. A weak girly uke who just can't stand up for himself (and somehow always is in some position where he is almost raped). When there is an obvious female obstacle in the manga. Cheating (between the uke and seme). Prostitution/selling/using one's body for the good of other people (whether it's willingl......   reply
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random question, but do you:
like good like with okay-ish close to almost what you would consider "bad" art 
like good gorgeous art but the worst plot imaginable
I personally prefer good plot with okay-ish what I would consider "bad" art. in the end, feels is till better than appearance
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have you ever wondered out of the line. what i mean is, ever thought that you might be able to like someone of the same sex, and then be confused with yourself and wonder why you were even thinking that, then back out on those thoughts. Basically feel as if it could be possible but at the same time feel like it cant.
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People are doing

want to do thank translation groups

we should all send endless kudos and good wishes to translators, scanners etc. the effort they put in is heroic.

6 hours ago
did thank translation groups

I usually post my thanks to the scans, the feedback is important for them. As translator I know how it is, so I try to be grateful :3

11 hours ago
want to do thank translation groups

Doing fan translations myself, I know how much effort it is. Other translators have motivated me to want to give back to the community too.

14 hours ago