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MANGA YOU CAN'T GET OVER(1) 2016-03-31 0

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Rekka Achlenia February 19, 2017 2:21 am

this website better update another chapter real quick, people will go crazy for the continuation.

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Rekka Achlenia April 4, 2016 5:08 pm

now i want to know how was this author draw such perfect abs in every of her manga. She drew it with such intensity , maybe she's just da real MVP, huh? :D

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Curious 04-04 17:01

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Started with experimental reading. I found yaoi a little bit awkward to read. But some thoughts in me said that this is gonna be fun .Then i started to read yaoi more often. I found my own joy reading this stuff. Now i know what it feels like to be a fanboy :D. Lots of laughters i've been through reading yaoi. Lots of tears. Lots of screams. All the emotions. Thanks Yaoi, you made my day a lot better!. I also learn a lot from yaoi tho. Like the true form of love, how to not being selfish, it teaches me to reach my goal, my dream, my true love, and not to give up to it until you get it in your hand. And it taught me of how men have sex.

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