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I'm a newbie fujoshi from Southeast Asia who is just wandering around passing my free time reading any kinds of mangas that seems interesting. But of course I prefer shounen ai/yaoi coz i'm a bitch :3

11 days ago
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Opening an account just to organize what I have read.
and feeling that I won't be able to fix it--

Aspiring author, semi editor and artist
who is hopeless in all aspects of life.

Facebook @ minty.lilac
Youtube @ MisarteAnnalva
Tumblr @ sentimintal-sweet
Crunchyroll @ MinaseBelle
MyAnimeList @ Minty-lilac

Loves white haired boys mostly.
Loves pecs & abs so much.

19 days ago
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hey guys! I found this on youtube. it's a great fan made video. please only watch if you like killing stalking or dark stuff (if not I guess you won't like it)

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I'm just a guy who loves BL

24 days ago
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some days ago... we talked about- yaoi is a religion...
what is mangago?
I guess some kind of messiah, pope or Holiness the Dalai Lama

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25 05,2017 04:47