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turn into a guy

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Hmm, it was when I just turned 17, and was an incoming freshie in uni. He was 3 years older than me and went to a different university. We met online, and our relationship lasted for almost 6 years. He wasn't the best looking guy (I still get annoyed when people whisper insults when they see him, as if they're perfect.) but he was the best guy ......   2 reply
09 10,2016 09:17

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kei_k 12 01,2017 04:18
Labels are too complicated, but I guess I can relate to being a demi gray (demisexual, gray asexual). I like to say I'm strictly heteroromantic, but I think I'm open to being with a woman should I ever develop a deep attachment to her. I find a lot of guys (sometimes girls) physically attractive, but I don't feel sexually attracted to someone I don......   reply
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Ah, I get the pressure and stigma. It sucks. Do we really have to follow this "manual" of life? I don't think so. To each his own. People my age are already married and even have kids but I'm not really excited with the thought. I couldn't even see myself being married to my longtime (ex) boyfriend despite being in a hard-to-come-by faithful relat......   reply
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I am: - 24 years old - a (cis female) heteroromantic demisexual and gray asexual - single - currently NEET - from Southeast Asia Even though I'm a cis female, I usually (wish and) fantasize about being a guy and having a d***! I badly want to feel that c*mming sensation the guys feel... I still want a male partner, though, so that'd make me homose......   1 reply
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Wow, a lot of you were too young, huh? Good job! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ (Kidding... or not?) I think I got into it when I was 21... I don't exactly remember what my first Yaoi manga was, though I think early on, I've mostly seen DJs like Haikyuu (I didn't even know about that series back then 'coz I just stumbled upon it). I wasn't really disgust......   reply
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did nicknames

My childhood nickname is Bee. Which is why I go by Mitsubachi. Though people have been calling me Rapunzel recently since I have very long hair

22 minutes ago
did nicknames

My nickname is Jess or Jessie

21 hours ago
did nicknames

So many, main nickname was berry, for eating nothing but strawberries as a kid

21 hours ago