• Other Title: トリニティセブン 7人の魔書使い コミックアンソロジー;
    Author: SAITOU Kenji,NAO Akinari
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Ecchi , Fantasy , Harem , Romance , School Life , Shounen ,
    Summary: Comic Anthology of Trinity Seven, extra chapters full of new things and comedy.
  • I Am A Killer Maid  

    Update Date: 31 minutes ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: ȋæœ¨,Ʋ™ï¿½ Ï¿½
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: http://ac.qq.com/Comic/comicInfo/id/535282
    Latest Chapters: Ch.12 Ch.11 Ch.10 Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7
  • Boku No Marie  

    Update Date: 35 minutes ago
    Other Title: ぼくのマリー; 僕のマリ; Boku no Mari; Metal Angel Marie; My Dear Marie
    Author: takeuchi sakura
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Romance , Sci-fi , Seinen ,
    Summary: Karigari Hiroshi is a total robotics geek/genius who really likes this one girl, Marie. He's too shy to ask her out, so he becomes obsessed with creating a perfect android copy of Marie. He succeeds perfectly in creating Marie, an android with the intelligence and heart/emotions of a human and who looks just like Mari (though with different colored hair). Of course, Karigari never really considered the implications of such a thing...
  • Yamete Kudasai, Mabushii Desu.  

    Update Date: 1 hours ago
    Other Title: やめてください、まぶしいです。please stop, you are dazzling
    Author: HIWATARI Haruki
    Genres: School Life , Shounen Ai ,
    Summary: Sasano grew up in an all female household and loves pretty things, including Koga, a schoolmate in another class. What happens when Sasano no longer has to stare at Koga from windows but can be beside him?
  • Chichi Kogusa  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: ちちこぐさ; Chichikogusa; Father and Child Grass
    Author: tagawa mi
    Genres: Seinen , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: A story about a medicine seller and his son and their struggles with each other after losing someone precious to them. A father who never really raised his son because he is always out doing his trade, but when suddenly his wife dies he must adjust his solitary journey to include his son. 
  • Not Lives  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: ノットライヴス;
    Author: karasuma wataru
    Genres: Gender Bender , Shounen ,
    Summary: Mikami is only in high school but he is a game designer genius. He has created many popular games ranging from RPG to action to even puzzle games. From a classmate’s request, he decides his next project will be a romance game so he begins to gather research material that will help him make another hit game. But when Mikami gets home, he finds a game called Not Alive that he doesn’t remember getting and curiously, he plays the game and the next thing he knows, the CD goes inside him and he has turned into a girl!
  • Sangokushi  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: 三國志 (YOKOYAMA Mitsuteru); Records of the Three Kingdoms (Japanese); Tam Quốc Chí (Yokoyama Mitsuteru); The Records of the Three Kingdoms (Japanese); 삼국지 (Korean)
    Author: yokoyama mitsuteru
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Drama , Historical , Martial Arts , Seinen , Shounen , Slice Of Life , Tragedy ,
    Summary: From the story "Romance of the Three Kingdoms"
    It was during the final days of the year 200 AD, when the Han dynasty saw its end. Its demise ushered in a new era of chaos, brought on by several regional lords vying to rule China. There were those who sought absolute power as well as those who fought for justice. Some simply fought for the sake of their beliefs. Many would rise and fall in their attempts to dominate the land... and here are their stories.
  • Other Title: Kantai Collection -KanColle- dj -Yarukinee Teitoku to Hisho Tatsuta-san;
    Author: Kimi No Tame Nara Shineru (Circle)
    Genres: Doujinshi ,
  • Oita ga Sugiru wa Koneko-chan  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: N/A
    Author: OGAWA Chise
    Genres: Yaoi ,
    Summary: N/A
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Hokuto no Ken - Garuda Gaiden  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Houkuto no Ken - Garuda Gaiden; Kinyoku no Garuda - Nanto Goshasei Zenshi;
    Author: YAMAGUCHI Yoshiji
    Genres: Action , Drama , Sci-fi , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • A Crimson Martyr  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: N/A
    Author: TGomes
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Seinen ,
    Summary: Blood, war, and betrayal: this is the story of the Scarlet Macaw, leader of an organization devoted to crushing political threats on the Mervellian continent, a part of the Crimson World.
    However, the Crimson World is becoming darker than ever...

    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Autophagy Regulation  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Macrophage Regulation; Macrophage: The Devourer;
    Author: Chang Guo Peng,Chen Cheng
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Ryan was an average human being. During an accidental event he received a power called “Blessing” Since then, his view of the world has radically changed. It has been a great shock to him. He pursues dreams of justice, confronting the reality of his world in this Shounen fantasy. That is where this manga will transport you. A new world of danger, action, and fantasy!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.34 Ch.33 Ch.32 Ch.31 Ch.30 Ch.29
  • AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jourei Manga  

    Update Date: 5 hours ago
    Other Title: AKB49, AKB49 - 恋爱禁止条例, AKB49 - Renai Kinshi Jouretsu, AKB49 - The Rules Against Love
    Author: Motoazabu Factory
    Genres: Shounen , Comedy , Romance , School Life , Gender Bender ,
    Summary: This manga based on the ever popular AKB48 group. This series is about a guy called Urakawa Minoru crossdressing as a girl to participate in a female idol group audition (akb48). The main objective is to help the girl he likes, Yoshinaga Hiroko, pass the audition. Yoshinaga Hiroko's dream is to become like her favorite idol who is in the akb48 group. This audition happens to be her final try, so Minoru crossdresses as Minori and took part in the audition to make sure she realizes her dream. Hiroko got qualified eventually, however, the shocking news was Minoru was qualified as well. Thus, the road to becoming a female idol begins...
  • Itsukasei Metsubou Syndrome  

    Update Date: 6 hours ago
    Other Title: 五日性滅亡シンドローム; Five Days Ruin Syndrome; Itsuka Seimetsubou Syndrome
    Author: yasu
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Seinen , Slice Of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: From Evil Flowers:
    They say the world is going to end in five days. Now what to do until then? Follow Fuji, Touko and Nitaka on their last school days preparing for the end of the world. Meanwhile, Niino, a clumsy devil, announces that she’s going to destroy the world in five days from now. The hilarious chaos is complete now. 
  • Hearing When Touched  

    Update Date: 6 hours ago
    Other Title: ふれるときこえる; 碰觸知心聲; Fureru to Kikoeru;
    Author: Honna Wakou
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Shounen , Slice of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A new romance story from the creator of Nozoki Ana and Nozomi x Kimio. Izumisawa Sou is infected of a mysterious power by the transfer student, and his life is turned upside down in this new and upcoming serialization!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Nusantara Droid War  

    Update Date: 7 hours ago
    Other Title: N/A
    Author: SATRIAEXZ
    Genres: Action , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Summary: An exciting battle starts in the archipelago. Enter the arena to feel the excitement!

    A game with summons called 'droid' whose based on tales have started, who will be the best in the game?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENTS  

    Update Date: 9 hours ago
    Other Title: 魔法少女リリカルなのはINNOCENTS; Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Innocents;
    Author: Tsuzuki Masaki,Kawakami Shuuichi
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: The sequel to Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha INNOCENT.
  • Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru  

    Update Date: 9 hours ago
    Other Title: 空手小公子こひなたみのる; 空手小公子小日向海流; 空手小霸王; Karate Shôkôshi; KSKM;
    Author: Baba Yasushi
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Drama , Martial Arts , Romance , School Life , Seinen , Sports ,
    Summary: Kohinata Minoru is a college student at a college that is popular for its sports rather than academic orientation. He starts out as a gymnast alongside his friend, Nana, but is bullied by his gymnast seniors. One evening, a karate student at the college, Mutou Ryuuji, witnesses Minoru being bullied and comes to his rescue and drags him into the world of karate. Minoru makes new friends and learns some of their dark pasts, including a shocking death that reveals motives for revenge. (from Baka-Updates)
  • Kindaichi Shounen No Jikenbo R  

    Update Date: 9 hours ago
    Other Title: 金田一少年の事件簿R; Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo Returns
    Author: kanari youzaburou,satou fumiya
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Mystery , Romance , School Life , Shounen ,
  • Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!  

    Update Date: 10 hours ago
    Other Title: トモちゃんは女の子!; Tomo-chan ha Onna no ko!;
    Author: Yanagida Fumita
    Genres: Comedy , Romance , Shounen ,
    Summary: Tomo Aizawa was able to successfully confess to her crush Junichirou Kubota. There is only one problem: He just sees her as his buddy. He thought that she was a boy until they went to middle school together, because her grade school was in a different school district.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.247 Ch.246 Ch.245 Ch.244 Ch.243 Ch.242
  • Straw  

    Update Date: 12 hours ago
    Other Title: ストロー;
    Author: Houden Eizou
    Genres: Adventure , Drama , Fantasy , Seinen ,
    Summary: Follow the story of a boy trying to fly and a girl trying to rebuild a tower.
    Together, they traverse a post-apocalyptic world.

    -Full-color manga-
    Latest Chapters: Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2
  • Delusional Love  

    Update Date: 12 hours ago
    Other Title: ひあいもうそう; 被爱妄想; 被愛妄想; Hiai Mousou;
    Author: Nakamura Uzuki
    Genres: Psychological , Romance , School Life ,
    Summary: A teacher named Kadomae Kazuma has the principal's daughter Noeda Kanade for his class in a new school semester. At first glance, she appears to be a quiet girl, but she's awakening her aberrant love towards Kazuma!? This is a psycho love story that accelerates thoughts and actions!
  • Baki Dou  

    Update Date: 12 hours ago
    Other Title: Baki-Dou;
    Author: ITAGAKI Keisuke
    Genres: Action , Martial Arts , Shounen ,
    Summary: The latest sequel to the Hanma Baki series.
  • The Sound Of Your Heart  

    Update Date: 14 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: cho seok
    Genres: Comedy ,
    Summary: While it may seem like merely a depiction of everyday life, The Sound of Your Heart is a comedy filled to the brim with wit, sarcasm and parody. This gives no regard for the probable or realistic- it is a series of absurd situations that are sure to get a laugh out of every reader willing to suspend their sense of reality for even a brief moment. 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.160 Ch.159 Ch.158 Ch.157 Ch.156 Ch.155
  • How To Love  

    Update Date: 14 hours ago
    Other Title:
    Author: dorris mccomics
    Genres: Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: A heart-warming, heart-cooking, heart-eating, heart-digesting guide to love.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.80 Ch.79 Ch.78 Ch.77 Ch.76 Ch.75
  • The God of High School  

    Update Date: 14 hours ago
    Other Title: 갓 오브 하이스쿨, GoH
    Author: park yong-je
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Martial Arts , Shounen ,
    Summary: While an island half-disappearing from the face of the earth, a mysterious organization is sending out invitations for a tournament to every skilled fighter in the world. If you win you can have ANYTHING you want. They're recruiting only the best to fight the best and claim the title of The God of High School!
  • Friday: Forbidden Tales  

    Update Date: 14 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: jinsoo bae
    Genres: Horror ,
    Summary: Every Friday, forbidden tales will be revealed.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.53 Ch.52 Ch.51 Ch.50 Ch.49 Ch.48
  • Penguin Loves Mev  

    Update Date: 14 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: penguin
    Genres: Romance , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: The English male Mev and the Korean female penguin who had met through an online messenger are enjoying their successful marriage in England for three years, after a lovely honeymoon in Korea. The story of these two, who overcome whatever cultural obstacles they may face with love and affection, are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.
    Original Webcomic
    Latest Chapters: Ch.174 Ch.173 Ch.172 Ch.171 Ch.170 Ch.169
  • Hooky  

    Update Date: 15 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: míriam bonastre tur
    Genres: Fantasy ,
    Summary: Dani and Dorian have missed the bus of the school of magic. Now, they must find someone who teach them how to be a great and good witches... Or maybe not.?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.45 Ch.44 Ch.43 Ch.42 Ch.41 Ch.40
  • Newman  

    Update Date: 15 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: josh ulrich
    Genres: Action ,
    Summary: Newman and Gwen are professional monster hunters who work for the Creature Removal Department, but for these two, killing monsters is the easy part, it's navigating their relationship that gets complicated. Set in a modern fantasy world, Newman is a mix of comedy, action, romance, and a little bit of horror.
  • I Don't Want This Kind of Hero  

    Update Date: 15 hours ago
    Other Title: 이런 영웅은 싫어 This Kind of Hero Is the Worst
    Author: Samchon
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Sci-fi , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A hero who fights countless mythical creatures. SPOON's explosive story!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.88 Ch.87 Ch.86 Ch.85 Ch.84 Ch.83
  • Hello Hellper  

    Update Date: 15 hours ago
    Other Title: 헬퍼;
    Author: Sakk
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Supernatural ,
    Summary: The city is protected by the guard against gwangnam, meanwhile a mysterious death in a road crash.Watch this world unfold and stretch out in this action fantasy manhwaWhich ticket will you get? White or black?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.88 Ch.87 Ch.86 Ch.85 Ch.84 Ch.83
  • Gakuen Babysitters  

    Update Date: 15 hours ago
    Other Title: 学园保姆; 学园Babysitters; 学園ベビーシッターズ; 學園奶爸; 學園Babysitters; นักเรียนพี่เลี้ยงเด็ก; Anh Chàng Bảo Mẫu; Baby-sitters; School Babysitters
    Author: tokeino hari
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Plot: After their parents are killed in a plane crash, Ryuuichi and his younger brother Kotarou are taken in by the chairman, who they never met before, of an elite academy. Ryuuichi becomes the school daycare's new babysitter.
  • Blazblue: Wheel Of Fate  new

    Update Date: 16 hours ago
    Other Title: BlazeBlue (Light Novel); Calamity Trigger
    Author: yoshioka sakaki, arc system works, mori toshimichi
    Genres: Action , Shounen ,
    Summary: Ragna the Bloodedge is a wanted criminal with an extraordinarily large bounty on his head (well in the trillions) for attempting to destroy the Novus Orbis Librarium, and is Jin and Saya's older brother.
    In December AD 2199, several years after the Second War of Magic, a branch of the NOL was utterly destroyed by an SS-class rebel named "Ragna" also known as the "Grim Reaper", in an attempt to destroy the Librarium. The NOL, hoping to stop him, immediately announced the largest bounty ever, available to anyone who could capture him. Interestingly, Ragna possesses a powerful form of Ars Magus known as the "Azure Grimoire." This led the NOL, as well as the other fighters, to hunt Ragna not just for his bounty, but also his Azure Grimoire.
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Kangoku Gakuen  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 监狱学园; 監獄学園; Prison School
    Author: hiramoto akira
    Genres: Adult , Comedy , Ecchi , Harem , Romance , School Life , Seinen ,
    Summary: Hachimitsu Academy, known for its strict academic standards and even stricter school code, is making a giant change this year. In the first time in school history, they are allowing boys to be admitted. As Fujino Kiyoshi starts his first day at Hachimitsu Academy he is shocked to find out that there are only 4 other guys in the entire school, making the ratio of girls to boys 200:1. And to their dismay, not one of the thousand girls will talk to them or even acknowledge them. But Kiyoshi and the guys are about to find out about the shadow student council that has been threatening the female students about interacting with male students.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.205 Ch.204 Ch.203 Ch.202 Ch.201 Ch.200
  • Momokuri  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: ももくり; 小桃小栗 Love Love物語; 모모쿠리
    Author: Kurose
    Genres: Romance , School Life , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Momo-kun and Kurihara-san's earnest, yet unfortunate, slow going love comedy.
    (Taken from the comico description.)

    Original web comic:
    Latest Chapters: Vol.00 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Miunohri To Swan Manhwa  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 미운오리 백조되기; An Ugly Duckling Turns into a Swan; Cô nàng xinh đẹp; البطة القبيحة تتحول إلى بجعة (arabic); De Patito Feo a Cisne (spanish); Ratusca cea Urata intr-o lebada(romanian); ugly duckling to swan
    Author: hwang mi-ri
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Romance , School Life , Shoujo ,
    Summary: Mioh is a short, overweight and ugly girl, who is constantly picked on by her peers. Boys make fun of her and her "friends" make her do errands for them. Even her relatives shun her as being the "ugly duckling" of the otherwise gorgeous family, going so far as to question whether or not she's related to them behind her back.
    One day though, Mioh tries to commit suicide but her grandfather saves her and somehow turns her into a real beauty! But this transformed form comes with two conditions: whenever raindrops touch her, she turns back to her original, ugly form for a short time, and if she ever kisses someone, she won't be able to turn back into her beautiful form.
    Now that Mioh is no longer ugly, how will her classmates and family react to her? How will Mioh cope with the limits to her miraculous transformation? And what is the meaning of "beauty" anyway?
  • Black-Box  new

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: Black Box;
    Author: Takahashi Tsutomu
    Genres: Seinen , Sports ,
    Summary: His father is doing time for murder. His brother was arrested for murder. The second son of the family, Ryoga Ishida, is under suspicion of being involved with his brother. Under his fathers order he takes on his boxing pro test
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Mob Psycho 100  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: One Hundred Mob Psycho; OneHundred MobPsycho;
    Author: ONE
    Genres: Action , Comedy , School Life , Shounen ,
    Summary: Kageyama Shigeo (a.k.a. "Mob") is a 8th grader with psychic abilities. He could bend spoons and lift objects with his mind from a young age, but he slowly began to withhold from using his abilities in public due to the negative attention he kept receiving. Now, the only thing he wants is to become friends with a girl in his class, Tsubomi. With his psychic "mentor" (who has no psychic powers), he continues his daily life, attempting to realize his purpose in life.
  • Flight Highschool  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 飛行高校;
    Author: Anyan
    Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , School Life ,
    Summary: Flight Highschool is a series of pixiv comics created by anyan . It features anthropomorphized modern military aircraft living daily lives in high school.Original pixiv comic: http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=3325126
    Latest Chapters: Ch.45 Ch.44 Ch.43 Ch.42 Ch.41 Ch.40
  • Koi To Uso  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 恋と嘘; Love and Lies
    Author: tsumugi musawo
    Genres: Romance ,
    Summary: Lies are forbidden and love is doubly forbidden. In the near future, when young people in Japan turn sixteen, they are assigned a marriage partner by the government. People don't have to go through the trouble of looking for someone, and everyone accepts that the country will find a compatible partner to make them happy. Yukari Nejima is fifteen years old. He lives in a small corner of the country, and just can't seem to get ahead in life. Both academically and athletically he's below average. But in within him, he hides a heart burning with passion! In this world in which love is forbidden, what will happen to him when he falls in love? 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.76 Ch.75 Ch.74 Ch.73 Ch.72 Ch.71
  • Boku-tachi No Ikita Riyuu  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 僕たちの生きた理由; Our Reason for Living
    Author: WATANABE Kazuyuki
    Genres: Horror , Mystery , School Life , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary:  “I don't want it to end…” Akira had made up his mind to confess his feelings to Himeno, the girl he liked, on the day they graduated elementary school. But what was waiting for him in the classroom was Himeno like he had never seen her before! Before they knew it, Akira and his classmates were trapped inside the school, unable to escape. Who was doing this, and why? Mysterious forces close in on the 11 fearful children, as if to laugh at them. This is the story of a harsh fate that awaits them. Does a hopeful future await them, or an ending filled with despair...?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.36 Ch.35 Ch.34 Ch.33 Ch.32 Ch.31
  • Adesugata Junjou Boy  

    Update Date: 17 hours ago
    Other Title: 艶姿純情BOY; Pretty Shy Boy
    Author: fujisawa tohru
    Genres: Comedy , Gender Bender , School Life , Shounen ,
    Summary: An adorable story about a boy who got raised as a girl by his parents so he can succeed in the family's traditional theatre where the male actor has to act like a woman. Things get fun when you throw in a bunch of guys who think Jun is a woman and fall for him, and a girl named Ayano who accidentally learned Jun's secret... Did I mention that Jun can mop the floor with anybody, but he's usually too busy 'Kyaa'ing cutely?
  • I Love You, Black Coffee  

    Update Date: 18 hours ago
    Other Title: ジュテーム、カフェ・ノワール; 我愛你 黑咖啡; Je t'aime, café noir
    Author: yamashita tomoko
    Genres: Action , Drama , Romance , Shounen Ai , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: From Must Be Endless:
    It started from “Love”. A man who confessed his love to another man. A man and woman who enjoy talking about shared hobbies. A woman waiting to meet up with someone. At a certain café, three different groups coincidentally come together. Two of the part timers there also get involved, and small dramas ensue. Yamashita Tomoko’s worlds, created with her wit and ability to make touching stories, are now available in this treasure trove of her works. In addition to her title work, there are six unpublished stories and extras!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
Total: 22043