• Nicholalala  

    Update Date: 13 minutes ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: nichola gwon
    Genres: Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: See the world through Nicholalala’s eyes. She has always seen the world a little differently, but now living in a new culture and struggling with a new language, she withdraws into her own mind and sees things in a more whimsical and creative way than real life. Where does reality end and imagination really start?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.22 Ch.20 Ch.19 Ch.18 Ch.17 Ch.16
  • Billy Bat  

    Update Date: 28 minutes ago
    Other Title: Billy Bat
    Author: Urasawa
    Genres: Drama , Mystery , Seinen ,
    Summary: Billy Bat is a comic-in-a-comic and the real protagonist is a Japanese-American artist named Kevin Yamagata who draws Billy Bat for Marble Comics.

    Shortly after they transition to the artist in his studio as two actual detectives, who look like Laurel and Hardy in Dick Tracy era suits and trench coats, knock on the door and appropriate Kevin's room for the purpose of conducting surveillance on a room in an adjacent building. One of the detectives, the skinny “Laurel”, sees Kevin's work and it turns out he's a Billy Bat fan. The other chubby "Hardy" detective picks up a page and says that the characters look familiar and accuses Kevin of translating an old Jap comic.

    As Hardy remembers the comic he thinks Kevin is ripping off, the story jumps off to 1949 Tokyo.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.140 Ch.139 Ch.138 Ch.137 Ch.136 Ch.135
  • Domestic na Kanojo  

    Update Date: 1 hours ago
    Other Title: 도메스틱한 그녀;
    Author: Sasuga Kei
    Genres: Drama , Ecchi , Harem , Romance , School Life , Shounen , Slice of Life , Smut ,
    Summary: Tonight, Natsuo loses his virginity. His partner? Her name is Rui and he just met her today after school. She's the one that brought up this whole situation, stating that she wanted to simply gain the knowledge about sex. She does not want to start a relationship, nor does she care about Natsuo. Afterwards, Natsuo feels guilty for losing his virginity to a girl he doesn't even particularly like. Mostly, it makes him feel like he betrayed his crush on his high school teacher: Hina. A quirky love triangle story unfolds as Natsuo, Rui, and Hina all end up becoming part of the same family!
  • Uchi no Maou Kamimasen yo  

    Update Date: 1 hours ago
    Other Title: うちの魔王かみませんよ;
    Author: Otou-san
    Genres: Comedy , Slice of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: In a world where people have supernatural creatures as pets, a certain family has a pet demon-lord Satan. The main carer of Satan is the son, Yuuhei. From initially coaxing the new Satan out of his pet-carrier, to walking him, playing with his ball, and keeping him from fighting with the neighbor’s pet Hero, this is the comedic story of a boy and his Satan
    Latest Chapters: Ch.23 Ch.22 Ch.21 Ch.20 Ch.19 Ch.18
  • Tanaka-kun Wa Itsumo Kedaruge  

    Update Date: 1 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: UDA Nozomi
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Sighing, leaning on his elbows, sleepy eyes. Tanaka-kun is a boy that basically doesn't try but isn't disliked. This is a laid-back youth comedy about Tanaka-kun and the quiet Oota who can't leave him alone. genres comedy, shounen, school life, slice of life
    Latest Chapters: Ch.11 Ch.10 Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6
  • Nemuri no Fuchi  

    Update Date: 1 hours ago
    Other Title: ネムリノフチ;
    Author: Nakamura Ayumu
    Genres: Horror , Shounen ,
    Summary: From DrCoke at MangaHelpers:

    Eight years ago, a girl went missing while playing hide-and-seek in the forest. Starting around then, instances of 'labyrinths' started spawning in random places, which led to an increasing amount of missing people. Kaori was one of them, when she was never found after the game of hide-and-seek she played with Shuhei. Now, eight years later, Shuhei still feels guilty for the loss of Kaori. He feels as though he, too, should be dragged into these 'labyrinths' in the search for his long lost friend. Now, he found an opening into the labyrinth. In it, he begins his search for the truth behind this phenomenon!
  • Netsuzou Trap - Ntr  

    Update Date: 2 hours ago
    Other Title: 捏造トラップ―NTR―
    Author: kodama naoko
    Genres: Adult , Drama , Psychological , Romance , Seinen , Tragedy , Yuri ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.5.5 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Dark Avengers Dj - Just Fucking Die  new

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: Dark Avengers dj - Temee Nanka Shinjimae
    Author: xxkorori,unknown
    Genres: Doujinshi , Mature , Smut , Yaoi ,
    Summary: Sequel to 'I'm Glad I Didn't Say Anything'
    Lester wants out of his relationship with Daken, but Daken won't let him go without one last kiss.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Zettai Reiiki  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: Tsuki he no Hashigo
    Author: YOSHIBE Akuro
    Genres: Comedy , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Most people would freak out if their new apartment was haunted. But Gotou Seiichi actually welcomes the supernatural, as long as it's a cute ghost like Uehara Hinako. Seiichi comes from a family who has spiritual awareness and willingly chose the apartment after he heard rumors of a female ghost haunting the place. He instantly falls in love with Hinako who tries every trick she knows of scaring him out. But with every attempt, she makes him fall in love with her even more. [vyc]
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.3 Ch.3 Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Gingitsune  

    Update Date: 3 hours ago
    Other Title: ぎんぎつね; 银狐; Silver Fox;
    Author: OCHIAI Sayori
    Genres: Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , School Life , Seinen , Slice of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: When her mother passed away at a young age, Saeki Makoto was given the power to see Gintaro, one of the gods’ agents that have been protecting the small Inari temple since the Edo era. As only one person of the family can see the fox spirit, Gintaro, naturally as the only blood relative, when her mother passed on, Makoto inherited the sole power to talk to and see him. Although they have their differences, Makoto, with the help of Gintaro’s power, help the people of their community deal and solve their problems.
  • Other Title: None
    Author: Akagi Hirotaka
    Genres: Ecchi , School Life , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3
  • Sumarin Kanojo-tachi  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: スマ倫な彼女たち; Fling Girls; Suma Rin Kanojo-tachi
    Author: okita ryuji
    Genres: Drama , Harem , Mature , Romance , Seinen ,
    Summary: Satoru Hasegawa, a young real estate agent, lives together with his equally young wife, Aya, and their daughter. Five years into their marriage, he's not particularly dissatisfied with anything, but he's got a secret that he can't tell a soul! Satoru is helpless before Sayaka, an escort, and Eri, his boss at work, and he's been carrying on lively affairs with both of them. But then he meets a woman with the faint aura of first love... This is a romantic suspense story about a man who can't tear his eyes away from that sweet but dangerous trap. 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.29 Ch.28 Ch.27 Ch.26 Ch.25 Ch.24
  • Bodai Kiryou No Aria  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 菩提樹寮のアリア ─金色のコルダシリーズ─; 菩提樹寮(リンデンホール)のアリア ─金色のコルダシリーズ─; Lindel Hall no Aria; Linden Hall Aria - La Corda D'Oro Series; Linden Hall no Aria; Linden Hall no Aria - Kin-iro no Corda Series
    Author: kure yuki
    Genres: School Life , Shoujo ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.11 Ch.10 Vol.2 Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6
  • Senran Kagura - Spark!  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title:
    Author: takaki kenichirou
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Ecchi , School Life ,
    Summary: The Hanzo Academy is not just a regular school. It holds a top secret class for ninja training reserved just for the elite. Only two girls made the cut this year, Ikaruga, a quiet but gifted brunette, and Katsuragi, a passionate and skilled blonde. Their personalities could not be more polar opposite and sparks fly even on the first day of class. Ikaruga, being a little bit ahead of the curve, outscores Katsuragi on every assignment. With tensions running high, how will these two ninja students work together when the time comes?
  • Midnight Rhapsody  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 골방환상곡; Golbang Fantasia; Golbang Hwansanggok
    Author: wony,shim yoon su
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: Wony, a wolf, is just a regular Korean guy in his twenties. He’s got a less-than-average TOEFL score and has finished his two years of mandatory military service, but he has no luck with women and doesn’t like the way society works, though he isn’t able to change it. Nevertheless, he and his friend Gom (Bear) always find ways to poke fun at the world.
    Original webtoon / English Version by Naver
    Latest Chapters: Ch.111 Ch.110 Ch.109 Ch.108 Ch.107 Ch.106
  • Graineliers  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: グライネリエ; Grainerie; Gurainerie;
    Author: Takarai Rihito
    Genres: Fantasy , Mystery , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: In the story, there are certain individuals known as "graineliers" who produce "seeds" that conceal various powers. A boy named Lucas lives at his disposal with the powers from these "seeds."
    Latest Chapters: Ch.17 Ch.16 Ch.20 Vol.2 Ch.19 Vol.2 Ch.18 Ch.15
  • Aura From Another Planet  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: kim kyusam
    Genres: Shoujo , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Aura is a certified buff spell caster from Planet Leviathan that came to earth by a portal accident. She attends school on earth as a way of adapting, and never fails to find friends, old alien frenemies, and troubles with her buff spells. 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.81 Ch.80 Ch.79 Ch.78 Ch.77 Ch.76
  • 3-second Strip  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 하루 3컷
    Author: bae jinsoo
    Genres: Comedy ,
    Summary: Just spend three seconds of your day on this three-panel comic!
    Original Webtoon / English Version by LINE Webtoon
    Latest Chapters: Ch.155 Ch.154 Ch.153 Ch.152 Ch.151 Ch.150
  • Dead Days  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 데드데이즈 (DEAD DAYS)
    Author: dey
    Genres: Action , Horror , Psychological ,
    Summary: Beginning on the 4th day after a zombie virus has broken out, this is a story about the will to live, human instincts and our selfish desires. A thrilling tale about the survivors of a zombie apocalypse.
    Original Webtoon / English Version by Naver
  • Coppelion  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: コッペリオン; 核爆默示录;
    Author: inoue tomonoki
    Genres: Action , Sci-fi , Seinen ,
    Summary: In 2016 a meltdown of a nuclear power plant creates a big catastrophe in Tokyo. 20 years later, the city has become a ghost town due to the high levels of radiation. From that area a distress signal is received. The Self Defence forces dispatch 3 girls from the special unit Coppelion to search for survivors. But why aren't they wearing any protection against radiation?
    - Taken from Baka-Updates
  • Donten Ni Sirius  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 曇天にシリウス; 阴天里的天狼星; Evening First Star
    Author: nakashima vega
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: From Misty Rain Scans:
    Due to the nature of her father's job, Hinoka has transferred schools several times. When her friends from her first school ceased contact after her transfer, Hinoka resolved never to become close to anyone again. Now in her seventh transfer school, she joins the idle astronomy club, thinking she could continue living her life alone. But what happens when she meets a boy who shines like the brightest star, Sirius, on a cloudy day?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Phantasmal Tale Under The Moonlight  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: Megalo Maniac
    Genres: Action , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5 Ch.4
  • Other Title: A Boring World Where There Is No Such A Concept as Dirty Jokes - PuOOy version; 下ネタという概念が存在しない退屈な世界 マン●篇; Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai - Man• Hen; Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai - Manmaru-Hen; Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai Man• Hen;
    Author: Akagi Hirotaka,Yuzuki N-Dash
    Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , School Life ,
    Summary: Sixteen years after the laws to ban dirty jokes were enacted, Japan has become a perfectly sound yet boring society.

    This is a story of two rebels against the status quo, via obscene acts of terrorism.
  • Seikon no Qwaser  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 圣痕炼金士; 聖痕のクェイサー; 聖痕鍊金士; 성흔의 퀘이서; Seikon no Kueisa; The Qwaser of Stigmata
    Author: yoshino hiroyuki
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Ecchi , Mature , School Life , Seinen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Plot: The St. Mikhailov Academy student Oribe Mafuyu comes across a mysterious silver haired boy. He is called a Qwsaer, a being that draws power from Soma and is able to manipulate a specific element. And now, in the 21st century, the mystery revolving around an Icon turns the academy into the battlegrounds for the fight between the Qwaser!
  • Re:Monster  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: リ・モンスター;
    Author: KANEKIRU Kogitsune,KOBAYAKAWA Haruyoshi
    Genres: Action , Adult , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Fantasy , Harem , Mature , Romance , Seinen ,
    Summary: Synopsis:(translated by google translator :) : Gob Akira, which has been incarnated in the weakest goblin undergone unfortunate death in a previous life, and wake up. However, it has achieved an unusual evolution become strong enough to eat if queries in the [ability] 吸喰, reigning at the top of the Goblin community in no time! In another world of survival of the fittest, unfolds with competent subordinates and comrades.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.17 Ch.16 Ch.15 Ch.14 Ch.13 Ch.12
  • Other Title: Naze Toudouin Masaya 16-sai wa Kanojo ga Dekinai noka?, Why Can't Seiya Todoin, 16-Year-Old, Get a Girlfriend?
    Author: UCHINO Shuya
    Genres: Shounen ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers:

    No matter how hard he thinks about it, Todoin Seiya cannot figure out why he doesn’t have a girlfriend in his 16 year lifespan. Physically attractive, naturally smart, athletic and, on top of that, comes from a wealthy and politically significant family. And it’s not like he hasn’t tried either; but every girl he asks out flat out rejects him. Seiya sets a goal for himself to get a girlfriend by the time high school ends and rejection isn’t going to stop him from trying again. But it sure is heartbreaking when you get rejected this many times without knowing why. [vyc]
    Latest Chapters: Ch.67 Ch.66 Ch.65 Ch.64 Ch.63 Ch.62
  • Torikago No Tsugai  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 鳥籠ノ番;
    Author: Minami Toutarou
    Genres: Mystery , Psychological , Romance , Shounen , Tragedy ,
    Summary: To search for a missing friend, 6 people arrived in a closed theme park."Birdcage Castle" which should be deserted...However, in there, groups of two people are created and are connected by a chain, and now, the game of putting one's life on a line began!
  • Gintama  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 銀魂; Gin Tama; Silver Soul;
    Author: sorachi hideaki
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Historical , Sci-fi , Shounen ,
    Summary: The story focuses on an eccentric samurai, Gintoki Sakata, his (partial) apprentice Shinpachi Shimura, and a teenage alien girl who's from one of the strongest races in existence: Kagura. All three are "free-lancers" search for work in order to pay the monthly rent, which usually goes unpaid anyway. The story takes place in the Edo Period, but instead of the Europeans invading in the late 1860s they are invaded by aliens, which they call Amanto. It's funny, and worth reading just for the laughs. This manga has a plot with no bounds, it can go anywhere with it, and it does, comedy and seriousness from time to time to make this a MUST read.
  • The Gamer  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: Sung San-Young,Sang-Ah
    Genres: Action , Fantasy , School Life , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: What would happen if your world suddenly turned into a game?
    If you could level up and raise your stats?
    An adventure of a life-turned-game

    Latest Chapters: Vol.2 Ch.96 Ch.95 Ch.94 Ch.93 Ch.92 Vol.2 Ch.91
  • Whamanga  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: A Song to Harness Fire; 火鞔歌; Fire Harnessing Song;
    Author: No Do-Whan
    Genres: Shoujo ,
    Summary: A post apocalyptic world without an ability to use fire.
    But there is a single woman who can cast fire and she is wanted.
  • Pochi Kuro  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: ポチクロ; 波奇库洛
    Author: matsumoto naoya
    Genres: Action , Romance , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: A human girl falls into the demon realm and can't seem to communicate with the local demon Kuro who found her. Humans are rare in the demon realm and many would love to eat a human. However, Kuro ends up falling in love with her and names her Pochi!
    Kuro decides to help Pochi get back to the human world and protects her from demons that try to eat her. She ends up being able to at least understand them but still can't speak the same language. She meets a demon prince who also shows interest in her as well and their long journey back to the human world begins!
  • Akagi  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Акаги, легенда маджонга; アカギ; アカギ ~闇に降り立った天才~; 闘牌伝説アカギ 闇に舞い降りた天才; Akagi~Yami ni Oritatte Tensai~; Legend of Mahjong: Akagi; Mahjong Legend Akagi: The Genius Who Descended Into the Darkness
    Author: fukumoto nobuyuki
    Genres: Drama , Psychological , Seinen , Sports ,
    Summary: Plot: A genius that fell into darkness. The god of the underworld.

    Akagi runs from a chicken fight where he almost died to a Mahjong place, where a man loses all his money to the yakuza. Akagi who is only 13 tells him that he plays it wrong, although he has never played the game before. Akagi replaces him in the game, and so a legend is born.

    When the police comes to check on the place to see if the kid that ran from the chicken fight is there they deny the relation of Akagi to the chicken fight. In the end the policeman invites Akagi to a much more organized Mahjong game and from there the legends only continues to enlarge.
  • Battle Through The Heavens  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Heaven Break Sphere; 斗破苍穹;
    Author: 任翔 蚕土豆
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Romance , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: In a land where there is no magic, a land where the strong make the rules and weak have to obey, a land filled with alluring treasures and beauty, yet also filled with unforeseen danger. Xiao Yan, who has shown talents none had seen in decades, suddenly lost everything three years ago - his powers, his reputation, and his promise to his mother. What sorcery has caused him to lose all of his powers? And why has his fiancee suddenly shown up?
    Latest Chapters: Ch.133 Ch.132 Ch.131 Ch.130 Ch.129 Ch.128
  • I Don't Want To Say I'm A Chicken Manhua  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 我不想说我是一只鸡
    Author: jiang ren
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Summary: [From OSTNT]
    When the maid from the heaven failed to protect the Phoenix egg from a mysterious figure, she used her last power to send the Phoenix, king of all birds into a chicken egg and soon the Phoenix hatched into a chicken.
    Follow the Phoenix and his chicken sibling on an epic adventure!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.5 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Lanqiu Zhi Zia Manhua  new

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Summer Basketball
    Author: bei xiang
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Sports ,
    Summary: The basketball event that happened that summer...
    Latest Chapters: Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Wu Dong Qian Kun Manhua  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: Martial Movement Upheaval
    Author: tian can tu dou
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Fantasy , Martial Arts , Shounen ,
    Summary: On the Journey of Self-cultivation, One Requires Control of Ying and Yang , Good Fortune, To Reach for Nirvana, Mastery over Life and Death, Power over Reincarnation. At the peak of Martial Arts, break the Heavens and shake the Universe!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.10 Ch.9 Ch.8 Ch.7 Ch.6 Ch.5
  • The Strongest Manhua  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: None
    Author: unknown
    Genres: Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.16 Ch.15 Ch.14 Ch.13 Ch.12 Ch.11
  • Shura No Toki  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 修羅の刻; 修羅の刻―陸奥円明流外伝; 修羅の刻(とき); 修羅之刻; Shura no Kiza; Shura no Koku
    Author: Kawahara Masatoshi
    Genres: Action , Historical , Martial Arts , Shounen ,
    Summary: Shura No Toki follows the lives and fights of four Generations of Mutsu Enmei Ryu Practitioners. Mutsu Enmei Ryu is a bare handed martial arts which has never been defeated in a fight.
  • Aka Akatoretachi No Monogatari  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 赤赫血物語; Red Blood Red Legacy
    Author: kaishaku
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Romance , Shounen , Tragedy , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Itsuki and Hayato, two brothers who grew up in a village nestled deep in the mountains, set out to hunt down a wolf that has been attacking the livestock of the village.
    Itsuki is about to go in for the kill when a gigantic beast appears out of nowhere, snatching up the wolf in its jaws and sucking the life out of it.
    The beast that stared Itsuki down was a gargantuan, blood-sucking vampire deer…
    Will the two brothers be able to return to the village alive?!
    Find out in this blood-filled action-packed story by extraordinary mangaka Kaishaku! 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.53 Ch.52 Ch.51 Ch.50 Ch.49 Ch.48
  • Girls & Panzer - Little Army 2  new

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: GIRLS und PANZER - Little Army 2
    Author: unknown
    Genres: Comedy , Seinen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Ana Satsujin  

    Update Date: 4 hours ago
    Other Title: 穴殺人; Peephole
    Author: rahson
    Genres: Ecchi , Horror , Psychological , Shounen ,
    Summary: Who do you think lives next door?
    A college student?
    A secretary?
    A foodie?
    A quiet sort?
    Or... A killer?
    This is the birth of a brand-new suspense horror masterpiece! 
  • Jyashin-chan Dropkick  

    Update Date: 5 hours ago
    Other Title: False God My Dropkick; Jashin-chan Drop Kick;
    Author: Yukiwo
    Genres: Comedy , Slice of Life , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Jyashin-chan Dropkick is a violent slapstic comedy about a delusional gothic lolita, Yurine, who summons a demon girl with the tail of a cobra, Jyashin-chan.They'll have to live together until Yurine finds a way to sent Jyashin-chan back to hell, or until Jyashin-chan kills Yurine.
  • Sui Youbi  

    Update Date: 6 hours ago
    Other Title: スイようび
    Author: SHIOMURA Yu
    Genres: Seinen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: Meet Sui, a native from an unspecified foreign country. She has moved to Japan to get married and this story revolves around her adapting to Japanese culture and life…
  • New Game!  

    Update Date: 6 hours ago
    Other Title: ニューゲーム;
    Author: TOKUNO Shoutarou
    Genres: Comedy , Seinen ,
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