• Other Title: 水の色 銀の月;
    Author: Yoshida Motoi
    Genres: Drama , Seinen , Slice of Life ,
    Summary: The not-quite-sequel, not-quite-prequel, not-quite-alternate-ending to Yoshida Motoi’s celebrated Natsu no Zenjitsu, Mizu no Iro, Gin no Tsuki continues the melancholic stories of love and loss that weave through the maturation of Mori, Hanami, Aoki one year later...

    Chapter one of Mizu no Iro, Gin no Tsuki was released as a standalone entitled Mizu no Gin before publication of this volume and can be found at: http://www.mangago.me/read-manga/mizu-to-gin/

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    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.2
  • Yumi's Cells  new

    Other Title:
    Author: donggun lee
    Genres: Slice Of Life ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Other Title: 実食! 悪魔の実!!
    Author: unknown
    Genres: Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 和猫咪一起生活; 猫と暮らす; Mi vida con mi gato; Miracle Cat; My live with my cat;
    Author: Hayashida Chihiro,Kojima Mihoko
    Genres: Shoujo , Slice of Life , Tragedy ,
    Summary: Two stories centering around people whose cats helped them through difficult times.

    Story 1: What "Fuu" Taught Me - A star model in full height of her career suffers an accident that leaves her paraplegic in a wheelchair. She has no will to live, but finds strength in the family pet cat.

    Story 2: What "Black" Told Me
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 花畑のイベリコ;
    Author: Hinachi Nao
    Genres: Comedy , Shoujo ,
    Summary: When Riko earned the nickname "Flower Garden's Iberico-chan" in junior high by her crush, she was devastated. Reunited again in high school, Riko has undergone a 180 degrees change. Will he be able to recognise her...?!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0(end)
  • Hua Dian  new

    Other Title: 花奠; The Flower Offering;
    Author: Qian Lu
    Genres: Fantasy , Romance , Shoujo , Supernatural ,
    Summary: The image of his future death emerged from the painted scroll, the survival codes from a millennium ago had already quietly been set.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0.2 Ch.0.1
  • Other Title: Jyoshi Luck! After School
    Author: distance
    Genres: Mature , Romance ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 蟷螂の檻; Kamakiri no ori; Mantis Cage
    Author: psyche delico
    Genres: Drama , Psychological , Tragedy , Yaoi ,
    Summary: It takes place during the Showa Era in Japan. The story revolves around a young man who has lost both his mother and father. Now, the only person he has that he can rely on is his butler who has been working for the family. However, his father had a secret he was hiding. This secret reveals itself after his demise.
    -from cocobees
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: 春のメヌエット; Spring, a Minuet
    Author: itou hachi
    Genres: Doujinshi , School Life , Shoujo Ai ,
    Summary: Tobe Takako is a deaf high school girl who catches the eye of the friendly Hachiya Nao. Hachiya, hearing that Tobe is deaf, makes attempts to befriend her and create a deep bond between them.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0(end)
  • Other Title: 纯情丫头火辣辣;
    Author: San Fu Animation
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo , Smut ,
    Summary: After a night of drinking, she accidentally slept with the insidious Underworld Emperor. What to do? Run! Two years later, she’s the elevator lady at China’s number one business, but is always harassed by a good-looking colleague…
    Latest Chapters: Ch.7 Ch.6 Vol.2 Ch.5 Vol.2 Ch.4 Ch.3 Ch.2
  • Other Title:
    Author: SUZUKI Nakaba
    Genres: Adventure , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title:
    Author: MASHIMA Hiro
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , Fantasy , Shounen ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Ch.1
  • Other Title: まっすぐ君へ;
    Author: Mitsui Haruka
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: "The days when I laugh and the days when I cry, there are words I want to tell you who has been by my side."
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0(end)
  • Toremorotora  new

    Other Title: トレモロレトラ; 트레몰로레트라; Toremoro Retora; Toremororetora; Tremolo Retora
    Author: kirishima rira
    Genres: Romance , Shoujo ,
    Summary: From MangaHelpers
    Kazura has her first high school boyfriend, a cute guy named Iwasaki who likes her very much. When he takes her to see her favorite band perform live, she meets the band's cool, attractive vocalist. The next day at school, she discovers a secret: the sexy vocalist is none other than her teacher, who seems totally uncool in his daytime appearance! What will she do about her boyfriend, her teacher's secret, and her growing attraction to him? [tethysdust]
    Latest Chapters: Vol.1 Ch.1
  • Lady Justice  new

    Other Title: レディ・ジャスティス;
    Author: OGINO Ken
    Genres: Action , Comedy , Ecchi , School Life , Shounen , Supernatural ,
    Summary: Marufuji Enta has a crush on Kenzaki Ameri and as they visit the same class for the first time the best day of his life starts! Ironically, he gets kidnapped until a mysterious hooded girl appears in front of the gangster's car in the name of justice!

    New WSJ Series of the may 2015 batch!
    Latest Chapters: Ch.2 Vol.1 Ch.1 Ch.1
  • Other Title: Assassin of Crimson;
    Author: YAMAGUCHI Mikoto,WATARU Rei
    Genres: Action , Adventure , Comedy , Drama , Ecchi , Fantasy , Gender Bender , Horror , Shounen ,
    Summary: Assassins--they are humans that have exceptional skills which they use in killing people. The most dangerous among them is the Assassin of Crimson--the former leader of the Assassin guild Yuuyami, and the one who killed the country's leader, King Mars. Due to this, the country's princess has declared that whoever captures her will obtain fortune and become the princess' husband, essentially becoming the next king. Virgil is a guy who has red hair and looks like a girl. He is travelling with a performing troupe while searching for his twin brother Serge. His peculiar features seem to have matched the known characteristics of the Assassin of Crimson. The following events will lead him to discover the mystery behind the death of the king--and the identity of the Assassin of Crimson.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
  • Futaribeya  new

    Other Title: ふたりべや; A Room For Two; Room for two persons
    Author: yukiko
    Genres: Comedy , Josei , School Life , Shoujo Ai , Slice Of Life ,
    Summary: From Amazon Japan:

    "The heart-warming female high school dorm life between the strong-willed Sakurako and the absent-minded and lazy beauty, Kasumi!" 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 背すじをピン!と ~鹿高競技ダンス部へようこそ~; Sesuji wo Pin! to - Shikakou Kyougi Dance-bu e Youkoso; Straighten Up! Welcome to Shika High's Competitive Dance Club; Straighten Your Back!
    Author: yokota takuma
    Genres: Comedy , School Life , Shounen , Sports ,
    Summary: Masaharu Tsuchiya has just become a freshman in high school and he’s looking to make a change in his life. He wants to be more active and more involved in school life, since the only club he was a part of in middle school he just coasted through. He’d also like to get over his lack of social skills when it comes to women. However, in his future, he’ll soon be tossed into a strange and magical world full of dancing after he witnesses his school’s competitive dance club in action… 
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1
  • Other Title: 姉妹艦スキンシップ
    Author: kurashiki teruko, mekimeki oukoku
    Genres: Comedy , Doujinshi , One Shot , Shoujo Ai ,
    Latest Chapters: Ch.1(end)
  • Other Title: ワールズエンドサボタージ;
    Author: Douman Seiman
    Genres: Sci-fi ,
    Summary: A story about a girl who wished to be a delinquent, the world and a lizard.
    Oneshot from Monthly Birz June edition vol. 6.
    Latest Chapters: Ch.0
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