Akuma Wa Hohoemu (Yaoi) manga

Akuma Wa Hohoemu (Yaoi)
Madarame Hiro 2000 released.
Comedy / Drama / Yaoi
悪魔は微笑む; The Demon Smiles; The Devil Smiles
Vol.1 Ch.5.5(end)
Vol.1 Ch.5
Vol.1 Ch.4
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The second son in a family of beauties, Naruse Shouta, is a world-famous hairstylist and model. He constantly showers affection over Ichii Hisashi, the grim but pure-hearted high school student who lives across the street. Due to his self-imposed "Under 18 is Prohibited" rule, Shouta has been impatiently waiting for Hisashi to grow up. However, none too soon, Hisashi's 18th birthday approaches...
The 'Kawaii Akuma' side-story makes its entrance! 

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Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.5.5(end) : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014

Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.5 : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014

Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.4 : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014

Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.3 : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014

Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.2 : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014

Akuma Wa Hohoemu Vol.1 Ch.1 : Vol.1

Nov 7, 2014
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2014-11-26 03:00
Akuma Series :-
1 Kawaii Akuma
2 Itoshii Akuma - Sequel
3 Akuma Wa Hohoemu (Side story - 2nd Bro)
4 Akuma ni Kiss wo (Side story - 1st Bro)
2014-09-17 01:42
I ..need ...more.... >///< I hope they do it already
2014-08-10 11:48
Need the next chapters!!
2014-12-17 04:53

90 Topics

  1. Hallen Walker December 4, 2014 12:04 am

    i kinda have trouble reading since i have bad eyes, but it was soooo good!!! Hisashi is cute, yep I agree to shou...

  2. Glade November 19, 2014 6:10 pm

    One of my favourites so far, so cute! >-<

  3. akhie November 10, 2014 5:01 am

    hahaha. fuck! did i just die here while laughing??? shit!! i've been drag in shou-chan delusion too XDDD
    they didn't have sex in the whole manga, 'coz they promise to do it after a year, but the time lapse during the whole manga is only 3months :D
    it's super worth to read XDDD super funny

  4. niknak
    October 10, 2014 4:15 am

    can someone tell me if shouta gonna be the uke or not im hoping he will but hisashi is so bubbly an sweet an innocent on the inside i have hard time seeing him toping but i hope he does muahahaha ;D

    • Baka girl October 10, 2014 5:32 am

      Hisashi is the UKE

  5. Elena_sexy1970 October 2, 2014 3:08 am

    will i like it it was confusing a little bit bat i was so cute :D

  6. nanachaan October 1, 2014 1:48 pm

    i need a story about ogata aaahhhhh!!!!!

  7. Love_yaoi_1234567890 August 31, 2014 5:20 pm

    I love it!!!
    So awesome!!
    Makes my heart throb and hurt and fill with excitement!!!
    Love you!

  8. fumei August 8, 2014 7:27 pm

    this manga is kiinda nice. love the stories especially the main one. all the best to shou-chan.

  9. yaoiLover August 6, 2014 2:53 am

    i want more storys of chita cute couple an its just getting started aww

  10. fangirl August 1, 2014 5:37 am

    waaaahhhhh!!!!!! cute~~~ Shou-chan!!!! that's desperation!!!!! XDDD

    But I really love Fuu-chan and Akiyoshi~~~ I miss them so badly... q.q

  11. sonburia July 25, 2014 3:18 am

    I wish they updated kanade and chika's story, but kanade's perspective
    I know kanade fell in love chika ever since in the way that he doesnt show it in public bcuz he's good at hiding his own feelings (thats why he's capricious).
    Of course, I want to to have sequel of shouta and hisashi...they havent have sex lol (^_^)

  12. unkling June 12, 2014 11:36 am

    I love shouta x hisashi story the best!!!! <3 I hope sensei will make more of theirs...

  13. birdie June 8, 2014 11:49 pm

    I love this author, she is fantastic at making really hot guys as well as having the manga be funny without be obnoxious. her works never get old. But everywhere I go it says this manga is complete so I'm kinda sad. I'm holding out here since it still says its ongoing, I really hope there will be a new installment soon.

  14. Kyoya May 9, 2014 7:48 am

    Kana de and Chika's story made me cry! I could actually feel pain swelling up! I wish there were more

    • De May 28, 2014 1:37 am

      I know up until the end i seriously hated kana. Loved the other stories with hisashi and shou in them, please update soon. Realy want to know what happens with this couple. So funny

    • birdie June 8, 2014 11:47 pm

      Same here, i wish there was more chapters with Kana de and Chika. And Hisashi and Shou, SOOOOO CUTE!!!!

  15. Anonymous April 28, 2014 1:07 am

    omg i so want the author to make book 2 for this.my heart cant take it unless i see those 2 make love.i wonder if there is any way to tell the author to make book 2 for this couple or at least make a side story about this couple in the oldest brother story.*crossing finger*

  16. sob sob April 24, 2014 4:08 pm

    everytime i read this... i will really laugh so hard until i hurt my stomach.. it's so funny when futta flick his wound hand and treat like he help him and when raika forgive him just bcoz he stare at him.. haha

  17. Fern April 20, 2014 3:13 pm

    I'm seriously betting on Shou being a yandere character

    • AmanoChie
      December 20, 2014 3:34 am

      He is..kind of..
      During Fuuta's POV about his brother, he said that after Shou heard about Hisashi's stalker, he came home drenched in blood...and i don't know if i find that disturbing or just perfect.. :3

  18. Rin-chan April 20, 2014 2:12 am

    why is everyone so afraid of Hisashi in the story? He's soo attractive and adorable

  19. Anonymous April 19, 2014 1:24 pm

    I want to see them make love!!!

  20. MANGATANTROM April 14, 2014 4:10 pm

    this was such i nice story and author we're waiting for an update here come one we love your work don't be cruel >.<

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