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Takahashi Tsutomu 0 released.
Drama / Horror / Mature / Psychological / Seinen / Supernatural
[アライブ]; Élni
Vol.1 Ch.10.2(end)
Vol.1 Ch.10.1
Vol.1 Ch.9
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

Yashiro Tenshuu killed 4 people, and is now on death row. However, a secret government organization is willing to take him off death row if he allows himself to become a test subject to an experiment that requires a killer's intent.

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ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.10.2(end)

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.10.1

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.9

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.8

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.7

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.6

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.5

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.4

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.3

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.2

Jan 14, 2011

ALIVE Vol.1 Ch.1

Jan 14, 2011
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2015-08-12 19:02

They manage to transfer blck onto him and he escape the facility to go to the roof and chose to die there so the black thingy die with him

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  1. Anonymous August 2, 2015 4:38 pm

    This would have been much more promising i hate the ending this isn't fair for him the sister just sacrificued him for her own selfish reasons at least let him live a little more

    • LallaLa
      October 1, 2015 5:48 pm

      She may have had a good argument, but she didn't even try to listem to him, and she kind of owned that to that guy. I mean, they used him as an experiment

  2. kiamii January 22, 2014 8:34 pm

    The first 10 chapters are from another manga also named ALIVE!. The above picture and description match the manga only from 14th chapter.

  3. Thelysira August 19, 2013 2:27 am

    what happen to chapters 11 to 13 :(

  4. xXTheBlackFoxXx July 27, 2012 9:52 pm

    One of the best manga i read in a long time. Sad the the author passed away a few months after finishing this story. It was sad the Hirose came to his scenes to late and left only leaving his body behind. This truly touch mu heart how far they go for each other. Taisuke still thinks as Hirose as his best friend. Last chapter make me tear up every time.