Namaiki na Ryouken no Shitsukekata (Yaoi) manga

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YAMADA Mario 2000 released.
生意気な猟犬の躾け方; The Training of the Impudent Dog;
Vol.1 Ch.3
Vol.1 Ch.2
Vol.1 Ch.1
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

The drug dealer Shinjuku police station’s detective Ao that was tracking for half a year was caught by a man that appeared suddenly. The problem is that Ao inhaled some of the evidence by accident. A young man by the name of Noe, helps Ao, who has lost consciousness after the fact. He’s reprimanded by his boss and receives sarcastic remarks from his co-workers. At that time Ao receives a photograph. That photograph shows a dead Naji, who was Ao’s S. It’s hunt or be hunted, eat or be eaten… the heated race of the yakuza men.

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Namaiki na Ryouken no Shitsukekata Vol.1 Ch.3 : Chapter 3

Sep 9, 2014

Namaiki na Ryouken no Shitsukekata Vol.1 Ch.2

Oct 1, 2013

Namaiki na Ryouken no Shitsukekata Vol.1 Ch.1

Aug 20, 2013
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2014-09-09 08:18
2014-08-08 18:51
Waiting for Ch4.
2014-09-12 21:26
Omg I got so excited from reading this manga .
2014-08-21 20:56
Its really interesting! I like it!

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  1. ruru May 16, 2015 7:24 am

    please please update

  2. MissXsuplada April 24, 2015 5:18 am

    AAAAhhhhh nooooo!!! more!!
    btw, the dog is sOO cute! :) very interesting, a guy like that with such a cute dog!!! :)

  3. jeny pinonkuan April 14, 2015 12:38 pm

    This one is sooooooo good....moreeeeeee

  4. Anonymous March 17, 2015 5:04 am

    Oh man, still no update T_T
    I'll be back next year to check this up again then!!! T_T

  5. asdfghjkl March 3, 2015 3:47 pm


  6. Anonymous January 22, 2015 9:28 pm

    Ohh update soon please !!

  7. MOI? January 15, 2015 6:01 pm

    this couple reminds me of Akihito and Asami... a little bit...

  8. guess December 29, 2014 6:20 am

    pls update

  9. PLEASE UPDATE November 21, 2014 10:38 am


  10. cherryblossom October 31, 2014 11:20 pm

    Please update ;(

  11. wowowo October 20, 2014 7:18 pm

    Please update is a really beautiful story!

  12. dorishpp
    October 20, 2014 5:11 am

    It's been a while since I read this so I started from the beginning!! I would like to see where this is going so PLEASE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE ASAP!!! thx D

    • hmm October 11, 2014 4:43 am

      Kanga no Spoon by Ike Reibun. Funny manga with 2 hot headed characters and hilarious wedding scene at the end :))

    • Asami-san's lover
      October 11, 2014 5:07 am
      Kanga no Spoon by Ike Reibun. Funny manga with 2 hot headed characters and hilarious wedding scene at the end :)) @hmm

      Thank uuuu !

  13. Asami-san's lover
    October 6, 2014 12:46 am

    I will say that I liked what I saw, but I want to wait till I see more - but fuuuuck - 2 hot guys after him ... :)))
    PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THIS IS: shitsukekata/bt/188573/Vol1_Ch1/2
    Thanx so v. much!!

  14. Shady October 4, 2014 9:48 pm

    That is one badass uke. Reminds me of Viewfinder a little. :)

  15. niknak
    September 14, 2014 2:06 am

    omggg so good i see a love triangle coming an wow that uke is bad as. xD love it so far i want moreee

  16. smexsmexsmexsmex September 14, 2014 12:54 am

    kyaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! i think i would be happy with either i just want to see more perverted *stuff* !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. asama September 11, 2014 5:01 pm

    this manga gets me so excited, I love the plot and it reminds me of viewfinder series. The guy he called for info that was having sex remind me so much of Asami too !!!! XD

    • Anonymous September 12, 2014 3:56 pm

      me 2

    • Anonymous September 12, 2014 5:44 pm

      yes, you're right. I read it in chinese, that guy that he called when in the middle of doing it. they're have they own story too, they doing it everywhere. XD hope the manga will be translating soon.

    • niknak
      September 14, 2014 2:07 am

      lmaooo so truee i was thinking the same hehe