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HIRAMA Mitsunaga 0 released.
Drama / School Life / Shounen Ai
Relativity Eudaemonics,
Vol.1 Ch.02
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chapter 1- And the Feeling Brought by the Summer sky The cheerful and ever-smiling Matsumoto is in need of a new roommate, and who applies, but the expressionless rumored "alien" Tohru Shiina? Matsumoto finds himself trying to make Shiina laugh and smile, but why does he care so much about this guy? chapter 2 - Last Winter Day Aachan is in love with his best friend, Kei. Sadly, he doesn’t think he has any chance with Kei at all. He tries his best to bring happiness to Kei by supporting his love interest instead. Now, it appears that Kei is in love with Sagawa-senpai. In order to bring said happiness to Kei, Aachan uses whatever techniques there is to bring those two together, completely disregarding his own feelings. But, what about his own happiness? From Echochi Scans. chapter 3 - Wish Crystal After his father dies and his mother becomes mute, Toshiya Kashiwagi moves with her to the island she grew up on to live with her parents. Away from his friends and familiar places, Toshiya begins to slowly withdraw from life, but annoying classmate Amano just won't leave him alone! chapter 4 - The Talk About Love Relativity Student council president Nase is constantly frustrated by secretary Akagami, much to the amusement of the rest of the student council. Nase is a super organized type A and Akagami is a laid back type B and though they bicker all the time, they're secretly dating?! chapter 5 - My Love, Your Love Akagami wants their relationship to progress to the next level, but Nase is still keeping his distance physically and emotionally. When a former lover tempts Akagami, will he be able to resist?

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