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Well I have alot of kinks I started to like bdsm and I started to in joy the idea of putting a whole hand in the ass hole and to put alot of other stuff that really turns me on Rapping is something I yearn for when I read yaoi I love it when the uke is being treated roughly and I love it more when its a little kid or a teenager and its realy does......   reply
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I'm too submissive that I hate it so much   reply
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Okay am sorry but gintama But I love doujin tho ( ̄∇ ̄")   reply
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Am bi Any one will do   reply
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I know most of you will choose the black haired uki coz he's more erotic or something but for me I love blond ones coz they just turn the fuck out me I don't know why maybe its a kink I have
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I just started my holiday "I know I'm the last one to finsh. all bcoz of ma college"
Any way ...
Am a big ottako who is so unsocial so am gonna spend my holiday setting on my laptop watching this 16 anime I collected for this holiday 

What about you
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I am so S when it comes to cute little guys and so M with tall hot men and mature middle age women

What about you ??
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