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I'm scared of falling and loosing my teeth The stairs are nightmares to me   1 reply
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I was 10 or 11 years old . I was raped by my uncle.   3 reply
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Well I have alot of kinks I started to like bdsm and I started to in joy the idea of putting a whole hand in the ass hole and to put alot of other stuff that really turns me on Rapping is something I yearn for when I read yaoi I love it when the uke is being treated roughly and I love it more when its a little kid or a teenager and its realy does......   reply
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I'm too submissive that I hate it so much   reply
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06 06,2017 12:28
I wanted to change the type of questions 
So tell me guys do you believe in the other life the day of judgment and all of that even tho most of you are fujoshis which mean that you might not be interested in the religion part but for me I do believe in god and I think that one day when I die I will be asked how did I spent my life and on that I will get to be taken to hell or heaven . I really sow a lot of miracles that proven that there is god who is watching over us
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I know most of you will choose the black haired uki coz he's more erotic or something but for me I love blond ones coz they just turn the fuck out me I don't know why maybe its a kink I have
3 answer 18 03,2017 16:25
I just started my holiday "I know I'm the last one to finsh. all bcoz of ma college"
Any way ...
Am a big ottako who is so unsocial so am gonna spend my holiday setting on my laptop watching this 16 anime I collected for this holiday 

What about you
3 answer 17 12,2016 14:17
10 12,2016 20:51
I am so S when it comes to cute little guys and so M with tall hot men and mature middle age women

What about you ??
201 answer 10 12,2016 20:51

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did favorite yaoi manga

Sotsugyousei - so beautiful!~~

1 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

My favorite yaoi manga, huh? HUUUUUUU~ So many to choose from! I would have to say 1.Raising a Bat 2.Super Lovers 3. Royal Servant ?

6 hours ago
did favorite yaoi manga

So many Ten Count and Blood bank fans XD I would like to see Raising a Bat and Never Understand as an Anime *.*

13 hours ago